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All-Weather Logo Detector Carry Bag

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Extra Long 18x52" All Weather Lightweight Nylon for Land and Water Detectors

Kellyco All-Weather Logo Detector Carry Bag
Extra Long 18x52" All Weather Lightweight Nylon for Land and Water Detectors

Extra Long 18x52" All Weather Lightweight nylon for land and water detectors. This bag will carry all the popular detector models in one piece including S rod and SL types fully assembled. One end is rounded to handle search coils to 12". A full length rust resistant smooth slide zipper gives you full entry to the bag. Carry bag is large enough for your accessories, extra coils, and digging tools, plus a large 8x10" outside pocket and two reinforced nylon carrying handles. The perfect bag to transport your equipment or safely store at home. Nylon is breathable and when wet will not rot like other material. The world famous Kellyco "K" man logo on your nylon carry bag gives you assurance of rugged long lasting protection for your metal detector.

Kellyco All-Weather Logo Detector Carry Bag


  • Will Not Rot
  • Lightweight Nylon
  • 18x52" Overall Size
  • 8x10" Outside Pocket

Customer Reviews

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4.3 average of 6 reviews

Great carry bag

Review by Dirty Dan on August 26, 2019

Wife wanted a carry bag for her metal detector since my detector had one. So I bought her one to keep her happy.
She is very happy with it to protect her detector . She can now consolidate her detector equipment to protect it and so parts don't get lost. good quality and waterproof and was an excellent price .

Great Carry Bag.. Just as good as the rest!

Review by Stumpy on August 20, 2019

I give this bag a 5 star review.. It is just as nice as all the others and has plenty of room. Marty was my Sales Person! A+

Protection Bag

Review by Whimsymaker on August 20, 2019

For the price, this bag will protect your MD for light storage. If you will be moving your detector much during travel, etc. I would consider buying an additional padded from KellyCo.
This bag is fine if you are using it to just store your MD....sort of out of sight, out of mind bag.
But for heavier protection, Kellyco offers more heavy duty options.

Kellyco Large Detector Carry Bag

Review by Jeff H on March 13, 2015

I have used various detector carry bags, they are typically canvas, and always end up getting wet and heavy. I have a Tesoro Outlaw with the electronics case cover. The Kellyco bag is lighter, more flexible and weatherproof. I like the green logo. Also, I wanted a bag that was not dedicated to a certain manufacturer such as White's or Tesoro in case I want to switch detectors. The pouch isn't zipped, and makes it convenient to hold my pin pointer.

Kellyco All Weather Detector Bag

Review by Ralph S on January 19, 2015

This is a very basic detector bag with no frills but it does the job that it was intended for, all weather protection. I purchased mine from Kellyco and it suits me just fine. Handles my Tesoro Euro Sabre with no problems... love the bright Kellyco logo, too! 5 stars to Kellyco for a great quality product. Everybody has a right to their opinion and this is mine.

Its Ok if Its in a Kit, But Not on Its Own

Review by Ben G on October 08, 2014

This came in the accessory pack with a Garrett AT Pro. It's very thin and doesn't provide much protection from bump and bangs, but it will keep the dust off of it. The outside pocket doesn't have a zipper or Velcro to keep it closed, that might cause a problem keeping things in. With the big Kellyco logo with an image of a metal detector on it everyone will know what's in the bag. I will eventually get a different bag, until then I will spray-paint over the logo to hide that I have a metal detector in my pickup. For a freebie that they put their logo on in the standard kit, its ok I guess. Not much protection. The first detector I bought off of Kellyco was in the 1980s, I was happy with them then, and on this last detector I bought a few weeks ago I'm still happy. Just not much protection for your expensive detector. Best of luck and may you find gold.

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