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Kellyco Accu-Find Pin Pointer Detector

Sku: 1-PIN
Retail: $99.95
Now Only: $70.00
with Woven Style Belt Holder and 1 Year Limited Warranty

Availability: Out of Stock

Kellyco Accu-Find Pin Pointer Detector
with Woven Style Belt Holder and 1 Year Limited Warranty

NEW and Improved Accu-Find Pin Pointer Detector pinpoints exact location of buried objects. Accu-Find was designed to be used with ANY metal detector to find hidden treasures of various sizes and shapes. Accu-Find pinpoints exact location of buried coins, rings, jewelry, gold and silver. Saves digging time by finding targets quickly that may otherwise be missed when digging holes to recover what your detector locates. It can be used in the holes themselves when probing or sifting the sides and bottom as well as the dirt that was removed. Single knob control adjusts sensitivity and features both Audio signal indicator and Vibrator. Accu-Find is small and lightweight for easy handling and carrying. Pays for itself with finds you would have missed. Uses one 9-volt battery (not included).

What's Included:

  • Accu-Find Pin Pointer
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Woven Style Belt Holder
  • *FREE Ground Shipping Continental U.S Only

Kellyco Accu-Find Pin Pointer Detector


  • "Non-Slip" Grip
  • Use to Probe or Sift
  • No Assembly Required
  • Audio Signal Indicator and Vibrator
  • Requires One 9-Volt Battery (not included)
  • Small and Light for Easy Handling and Carrying
  • Easy-to-Use with Single-Knob Control to Adjust Sensitivity

Customer Reviews

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Review by Randy M on July 27, 2015

Do not waste your time on this garbage... It is not even worth 1 cent!! 70 bucks! Haha. Biggest scam ever. If you turn the sensitivity all the way up in a field it will blast off and not stop.

Not Even Close to Worth the Money

Review by Andrew G on April 09, 2015

This is by far the worst pinpointer I've ever used in my life! You literally have to get the tip within 1/8th of an inch before it starts making any sort of sound (even on max sensitivity). Don't waste your money on this, it'll never pay for itself. I can't believe they are selling these for $70.


Review by Robert P on April 07, 2015

This unit cannot see what the metal detector finds. Used a quarter and I had to be within 3/4". I ordered a better pin pointer.

Accu-Find Pin Pointer

Review by Ellie B on April 07, 2015

Very disappointed!! Thought I would get a decent one for the price but it's almost useless.

Pinpointers are Great, This One is Not

Review by Richard M on December 15, 2014

My first experience with a pinpointer was the Vulcan 360 which worked remarkably well, so I opted to upgrade my bundle purchase of the Garrett AT Pro to include the Accu-Find pinpointer offered by Kellyco so my wife and I could both have a pinpointer when we went detecting. I highly recommend AGAINST buying or bundling the Accu-Find as it is almost entirely useless. Even at the highest sensitivity setting with a fresh 9.3 volts, this pinpointer has to be almost touching a coin to detect it, the Vulcan 360 can detect the same coin at it's highest setting at about two inches. I was not able to pinpoint one coin in the field with it and had to resort to passing handfuls of dirt over my search coil to "pinpoint" my finds. Needless to say, the Accu-Find is beyond frustrating. I totally wasted the money I spent on it and highly discourage anyone from doing the same. I rated this as 1 star only because "zero" stars was not an option.

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