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  • NEL Tornado 12x13" Search Coil (F70 / F75) 5120 Image 1

    NEL Tornado 12 x 13" Search Coil (Fisher F70 / F75)

    Waterproof 12x13" Search Coil from NEL. Compatible with Fisher F70 and F75. Includes Coil Cover
    Sku: 1686-5120

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  • DetectorPro Gray Ghost Platinum Headphones (XP Deus)

    DetectorPro Gray Ghost Platinum Headphones (XP Deus)

    These headphones have extra padding to ensure they stay right where they belong. These babies won't be falling down on you when you get into a little rough terrain.

    Sku: 1219-GGXPP
  • Minelab 10" Search Coil (Gold Monster)

    Minelab 10" Search Coil (Gold Monster)

    The waves from this coil will also penetrate the ground well, finding any of the hidden treasures that rest underneath the ground. This is one of the premier options on the market. Includes Coil Cover.

    Sku: 237-30110336

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