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  1. Minelab Tall Man Lower Shaft 24" (E-Series) 80170015 Image 1

    Minelab 24" Tall Man Lower Shaft (E-Series)

    Sku: 237-80170015
    24" in Length for Detectorists Over 6' Tall. Compatible with the Minelab E-Series of Metal Detectors Learn More
  2. JW Fishers Battery Pack (Pulse 6X / 8X Pro) B18 Image 1

    JW Fishers Battery Pack (Pulse 6X / 8X Pro)

    Sku: 569-B18
    A Battery Backup That Will Greatly Extend Operating Time Learn More
  3. Minelab SDC Black Carry Bag 30110257 Image 1

    Minelab Black Carry Bag (SDC 2300)

    Sku: 237-30110257
    Carry Bag Designed to be Used with Minelab SDC 2300 Metal Detector Learn More
  4. Minelab Recharge Adapter 03120004 Image 1

    Minelab Recharge Adapter (Excalibur II)

    Sku: 237-03120004
    Wall Charging Battery System Cannot Operate Without This Adapter Learn More
  5. Minelab Adaptors, Chargers and Cables Kit

    Minelab Adaptors, Chargers and Cables Kit

    Sku: 237-30110290

    This Minelab Metal Detector kit contains numerous items that are necessary for prolonged metal detecting including adaptors, chargers, and cables.

    Learn More
  6. Nokta Makro 12V 7A AC Charger (Invenio)

    Nokta Makro 12V 7A AC Charger (Invenio)

    Sku: 1448-15000068

    Metal detecting is an incredibly fun and often lucrative hobby. Most metal detectors are run on a rechargeable battery pack and having a spare pack is always a good idea.

    Learn More
  7. JW Fishers AC and DC Battery Chargers CHARGER Image 1

    JW Fishers AC/DC Battery Chargers

    Sku: 569-CHARGER
    Powered by an internal 9 volt rechargeable battery pack, the JW Fishers Pulse 6x and Pulse 8x detect Learn More

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