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  1. Minelab Collapsible Shaft Assembly, 3 pieces (Gold Monster)

    Increase accessibility with this high-grade, strong & lightweight Minelab collapsible shaft assembly (3 pieces) for Gold Monster detectors. Learn More
    SKU: 3011-0362

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  2. Minelab Curly Cord Power Cable (SD/GP Series)

    Minelab curly cord power cable for extended reach. It is the perfect fit for all SD & GP series metal detectors Learn More
    SKU: 3011-0207

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  3. Lesche 40" Ground Shark T-Handle Shovel

    Reach for the deepest caches with this Lesche 40" Ground Shark T-Handle Shovel. Its 3.5x12" blade makes it a vital tool for deep digging Learn More
    SKU: 36

    In Stock 1

  4. Garrett 4.5" Super Sniper Search Coil (ACE Series / CSI 250)

    The Garrett Soft Case is a perfect padded travel and storage case, with full zipper and straps, for all Garrett metal detectors. Learn More
    SKU: 2221800

    In Stock 3

  5. Nokta Makro Koss Headphones (Invenio / Deephunter 3D)

    Nokta Makro Koss Headphones for Invenio & Deephunter 3D metal detectors amplifies the sound of the detector so you can find more targets. Learn More
    SKU: 17000212

    In Stock 2

  6. White's ProStar Headphones

    White's ProStar Headphones are designed specifically for White's machines. Oversized ear-cups and a 6 foot coiled cable. Learn More
    SKU: 802-5323

    Out of stock

  7. RTG 36" Power Scoop

    SKU: Bmaster 36

    In Stock 2

  8. Fisher 8" Search Coil with Screw-In Connector (F5)

    SKU: 8coil7b13f no reorder

    Out of stock

  9. Minelab 24" Tall Man Lower Shaft (E-Series)

    This replacement Minelab 24" Tall Man lower shaft (E-Series) allows the best grip for E-Series detectors Learn More
    SKU: 3011-0204

    In Stock 5

  10. Minelab Black Carry Bag (SDC 2300)

    Travel in comfort with your treasure detector using this Minelab black carry bag for SDC 2300 models. Learn More
    SKU: 3011-0257

    In Stock 1

  11. Minelab Recharge Adapter (Excalibur II)

    Versatile Minelab recharge adapter with multi-USB functionality for Excalibur II metal detectors Learn More
    SKU: 3011-0201

    In Stock 2

  12. Minelab Adaptors, Chargers and Cables Kit

    The complete, must have kit of Minelab adaptors, chargers and cables needed to keep your detector hunting Learn More
    SKU: 3011-0290

    In Stock 6

  13. Nokta Makro 12V 7A AC Charger (Invenio)

    Stay charged with the Nokta Makro 12V 7A AC Charger. This charger is only compatible with the Invenio model of metal detectors. Learn More
    SKU: 17000412

    In Stock 3

  14. Apex Picks Badger 18" Handle 1 Magnet

    SKU: GC1035-6-18-1M

    In Stock 6

  15. CKG Universal Carbon Fiber Sand Scoop Shaft for Metal Detecting


    In Stock 10

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