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Washers Parts & Accessories

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  • Fisher Neoprene Washer (All Models Except Gemini III) 202233 Image 1

    Fisher Neoprene Washer

    Replacement Hardware that Will Work with All Fisher Models Except the Gemini-3
    Sku: 12-202233

    Out of stock

  • Minelab Nut/Bolt/Washer Wear Kit (GPZ)

    Minelab Nut/Bolt/Washer Wear Kit (GPZ)

    Those who have a lot of experience with metal detecting know that they should never travel or hunt anywhere without having plenty of spare parts just in case.

    Sku: 237-30110284
  • Minelab Washer Wear Kit

    Minelab Washer Wear Kit (GPZ)

    Over time, the parts on the Minelab metal detector series will eventually start to degrade. When this happens, people may start to notice problems.

    Sku: 237-30110285
  • Anderson Rods 3/8" Lower Rod Washers

    Anderson Rods 3/8" Lower Rod Washers

    The right washers matter, as using the wrong ones can result in voided warranties and incorrect operation that could be detrimental to the user.

    Sku: 1429-2007

    Out of stock

  • Anderson Rods 1/4" Lower Rod Washers

    Anderson Rods 1/4" Lower Rod Washers

    The washers provide a cushion between the various parts of the detector and, over time, these cushions can start to wear out.

    Sku: 1429-2008

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