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Nokta | Makro, $12.50 - $16.99 Parts & Accessories

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  • Nokta Makro Connection Cable (Deephunter 3D)

    Nokta Makro Connection Cable (Deephunter 3D)

    The connection cable is an integral part of your metal detector and aids your metal detector in functioning properly by connecting the metal detector's rod to a display that shows you the results of scanning a certain area.

    Sku: 1448-20000255
  • Nokta Makro 9" Black C23 Search Coil Cover (CF77 Coin Finder)

    Nokta Makro 9" Black C23 Search Coil Cover (CF77 Coin Finder)

    Protect your search coils from sandy beaches, rocky terrain, and junk filled lot with the C23 search coil cover for CF77 Coin Finder metal detector.

    Sku: 1448-40000278
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    Nokta 11" Velox General Coil Cover VELOXGCC Image 1

    Nokta Makro 11" General Coil Cover (Velox One)

    Designed to Protect the 11" Search Coil of the Velox One Metal Detector from Nokta | Makro
    Sku: 1448-VELOXGCC

    Was: $26.00

    On Sale: $14.99

  • Nokta Makro Bungee Cord (Invenio)

    Nokta Makro Bungee Cord (Invenio)

    This bungee cord has been designed to reduce the weight on the arm, allowing the user to detect those hidden treasures in comfort.

    Sku: 1448-20000762

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  • Nokta Makro Headphones (Jeotech LED)

    Nokta Makro Headphones (Jeotech LED)

    The surrounding noise can distract your concentration and cause you lose your way. With our Nokta | Makro, jeotech LED headphones, you can tune out other noises and focus solely on the sounds you need to hear.

    Sku: 1448-15000074
  • Nokta | Makro Standard Digger

    Nokta Makro Standard Digger

    Includes leather belt holster. Made of durable polymer material.

    Sku: 1448-10000060

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