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Metal Detecting is a fun and occasionally lucrative hobby. Finding "hotspots" and hearing the signal notify clearly that there is something beneath the surface is downright addictive. However when it comes to retrieving the treasure, a hobby can suddenly turn into a chore without the right tool for the job. The metal detectors from Kellyco are top rated for the pros, just like the accessories we sell. Our stock of shovels makes the task of retrieving objects from any soil much easier, because they are chosen by the experts who actually use them.

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What is a good "all-use" type of shovel, if I can carry only one?

You will want a shovel that does the job efficiently, even delicately, so it does not disturb the surrounding vegetation too much. After all, many times you will be detecting on lands other than your own. Yet you want a shovel that is sturdy and reliable as well. A good multi-use shovel would be lightweight, yet sturdy enough to handle multiple soil materials without damaging the vegetation near by or the find.

Does the type of soil matter when choosing the best shovel for metal detecting in my area?

Yes. You would not use the same tool to sift through sand as you would compacted clay. These are just two extremes, though. You may come across various type of topography in a single day. The some shovels are designed to break through tough terrain with a pointed edge, while folding up neatly while you are exploring. Others are great for softer sandy jobs because of their narrow size and ease of control.

What types of shovels are both portable and sturdy?

Many of our shovels fold up into a portable size; however, this does not mean a compromise on structural integrity. Each product offered is tested for longevity and sturdiness because we know you do not want to be stranded with a sub-par tool just when you find a treasure waiting to be dug.

We have more than 60 years’ experience selling metal detectors and a full staff of factory-certified metal detector experts with years of experience helping people like you. Whether you are just getting started hunting for treasures or you are a seasoned pro, we offer the best products and accessories to make your trips as efficient and enjoyable as possible.

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