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Long Handle Scoops for Metal Detecting

You don't have to a be a prospector who's down on their luck to appreciate well-designed metal detectors and accessories. Although they're not the most conspicuous parts of your arsenal, long-handled scoops fulfill a vital function that makes your pastime or job easier, and long-handled models are among the cream of the crop. Of course, they're not all equivalent, so it's important to distinguish between varieties. Here are a few critical features and devices to keep your eyes peeled for.

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What Makes an Effective Long-Handled Scoop?

Long-handled scoops are designed to minimize the arm and wrist strain you experience as you're unearthing valuable treasure or performing precise excavations. When designed properly, they also have the potential to reduce the amount of tension you feel in your legs and back, since they can negate the need to repeatedly bend over. One of their biggest advantages is that they make it a bit easier to dig in tricky or awkward locations.


To fulfill all these demands, scoops require more than lengthy handles. Naturally, their handles need to be formed from high-strength metals that can bear weight at a distance without deforming, and the entire device must be corrosion resistant. While many feature straight handle designs, others exhibit curves that let users take samples rapidly or adopt an alternate grip. In either case, quality of construction is paramount. Ideally, joints should be welded, and scoops ought to be formed from as few parts as possible to reduce the number of potential weak points they contain. Such durability is especially important because some scoops are made to be kicked or pushed into the sand with your feet.


Seemingly minor details, like the angle of the joint between the scoop and the handle, actually make significant functional differences. A scoop with a shallow angle might be harder to maneuver effectively, while an overly-wide angle could increase the difficulty of holding retrieved items. True, personal preference plays a big role in what you'll eventually choose, but it's always important to consider the types of usage situations you typically encounter. For instance, if you customarily hunt in riverbanks or the sides of high dunes, the angle may not be as much of a concern as handle length or extensibility.

Another commonly overlooked factor is weight. When you're carrying a metal detector, a backpack, pinpointers, pans and hydration, adding a few extra pounds to your load matters. Heavier scoops are also more tiring to work with, which might stop you from getting quite as much done or finding that fabled mother lode you've been pursuing.

So is there one long-handled scoop that beats all the rest? Once again, it all comes down to your usage style and typical hunting circumstances. Be sure to compare the different options here before making your final decision, and feel free to reach out to a Kellyco expert with your questions.

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