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Since the industrial revolution, different terrain levers have been advanced by humans all in a bid to make the digging much easier. However, none ranks as high in effectiveness has a modern pick. If you are looking for the most effective picks look no further than Kellyco. Having been in the game for over 60 years we provide a high quality range of picks which are set to dig through all sorts of terrains. Further, Kellyco Metal Detectors has a full staff of factory certified experts with years of experience in helping people in need of quality Picks.

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  • Kellyco Folding Pick / Shovel 102 Image 1

    Rothco Folding Pick / Shovel

    Both a Folding Shovel and Pick for More Difficult Digging Situations. Only 25" in Length Overall
    Sku: 887-102
  • Kellyco Mini Shovel Pick 67 Image 1

    Rothco Mini Shovel Pick

    Can be Used as a Shovel or a Pick and is Only 10" in Length when Folded
    Sku: 887-67
  • Apex Picks Badger 18" Handle 3 Magnets

    Apex Picks Badger 18" Handle 3 Magnets

    Built from the same tough material as the Talon but has a slightly smaller head design and shorter handle to get into tight places.

    Sku: 49-GC10356183M
  • Apex Picks Badger 18" Handle 1 Magnet

    Apex Picks Badger 18" Handle 1 Magnet

    The Badger is very light, allowing the user to work all day long without any worry of fatigue.

    Sku: 49-GC10356181M
  • Apex Picks Extreme 36" Handle 3 Magnets

    Apex Picks Extreme 36" Handle 3 Magnets

    The Extreme line of pick is a superb tool to use on just about any terrain except for hard rock mining.

    Sku: 49-GC12458363M
  • Apex Picks Talon 30" Handle 3 Magnets

    Apex Picks Talon 30" Handle 3 Magnets

    Having the right pick can change the course of your field day. Do you want to keep it fun and light - you don’t want to use a shovel! So make the investment in this Apex pick.

    Sku: 49-GC12456303M
  • Apex Picks Talon 24" Handle 3 Magnets

    Apex Picks Talon 24" Handle 3 Magnets

    It is lightweight so when you’re out in the field it’s not going to weigh you down it’s perfect to get the job done right the first time.

    Sku: 49-GC12456243M
  • Lesche Lightweight Mini Pick 22 Image 1

    Lesche Lightweight Mini Pick

    Made from Lightweight Chromoly Steel. Blade is 10.5" in Length and Handle is 14.5" in Length
    Sku: 251-22
  • Kellyco Prospectors Pick 76 Image 1

    Rothco Prospectors Pick

    Heavy-Duty Pick Designed to Penetrate Hard Packed Soil, Stubborn Clay and Rocks
    Sku: 887-76

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We offer a variety of items. We have the perfect pick for you, either for digging up moderately soft ground or one to tackle tough and rocky terrain.

More about our products:

We source our picks from various suppliers to give you a wider selection. We only carry brands from the best in the business, and who have been tested and tried for quality. We have picks from Estwing Prospecting, Garrett, Lesche, Rothco, Teknetics and more.

What are your price ranges?

Our picks range from $21 to $55. We deal with a variety of picks, and those prices may vary from time to time depending on the stock that we have at the time of the request. Our customer care department will expound in this so that you don’t have to worry much about it.

What is the difference between the different picks and why the price differences?

Our picks vary in brand and use. We carry different brands in our store and therefore the price difference will be informed by the brand. The other thing determines the pricing of a pick is the purpose it serves. Some of the picks that we stock are ideal for lighter duties such as digging out the hard ground. Other picks are perfect for rocky and very tough terrain. This later lot retails at a price higher than the former.

How do I know which pick to buy?

We’ve got you covered. Our friendly customer care representatives will take care of you to ensure that you get the pick that is suited for you. All you’ll need to do is let them know what do is that you’re looking for, and the reason why you need a pick and they’ll guide in choosing what works for you.

Can I order a pick online? How long does delivery take?

Yes, you can order a pick online from our website. All you need to do is place an order with us, giving us the specifics of the product that you need, pay via wire transfer or use your card. We’ll process and dispatch your order through FedEx or air within 24 hours. The delivery period is about 24 to 72 hours. We’d like to have you on board with the rest of our clients; contact us today and experience quality and reliability with our standout picks.

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