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Mars Metal Detector Rods

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  • Image of Mars Universal Metal Detector Shaft

    Mars Universal Metal Detector Shaft

    Versatile Mars Universal Metal Detector Shaft that works with any metal detector. Ships with a flexible mars coil, ideal for any environment
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What are the options for metal detector replacement rods?

There are many variables to consider, including the brand, size, material, corrosion resistance, adjustability for length or angle, compatibility with other components such as arm rests, and of course price. It is important to know your requirements as you sort through the options, whether you are looking for an upgrade to a standard metal detector, or just a drop-in replacement part. You should also consider any applications specific requirements, such as corrosion resistance or underwater usage.

Kellyco offers a dozen different brands of replacement rods, to cover any possible metal detecting application. Anderson and Minelab are popular, so Kellyco has many options from those manufacturers, plus several others. Kellyco sells many different rod segment type, so make sure to check for any compatibility issues (or contact our experts for help).

One important consideration is the material. A carbon fiber replacement rod can provide an excellent weight-to-strength ratio, so the usage scenario (terrain, duration, user, etc.) can affect the most suitable material choice. Obviously if you expect to navigate over rough ground for an extended period, the weight could be a key issue. Similarly, for a younger user (or small adult), the size and weight should be tested. As always, Kellyco’s in-house experts can provide guidance on the product choice issues.

Kellyco understands that casual users of metal detectors might have a small budget, while professional users might be willing to invest more in their “tools of the trade.” Kellyco provides a full range, with over a dozen replacement rod options in every price category. Many repeat customers have found it useful to have the full range of options at one supplier when they are looking to upgrade their system. Being able to stick with one supplier during the course of your metal detecting career definitely has advantages. Kellyco has been in business for 60 years, so we enjoy getting to know our customers and their requirements. We can provide better advice and guidance the more we know about you!