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$16.00 - $39.99 Metal Detector Rain & Dust Covers

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  1. Nokta Makro Protective Rain Covers (Racer 2 / Gold Racer)

    Nokta Makro Protective Rain Covers (Racer 2 / Gold Racer)

    Sku: 1448-20000421

    This high quality metal detector cover set is designed to protect the Nokta | Makro Racer, Racer 2, and Gold Racer metal detectors.

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  2. Nokta Makro Screen Sunshade (Invenio)

    Nokta Makro Screen Sunshade (Invenio)

    Sku: 1448-20000802

    The shade is lightweight and won't interfere with the operation of the metal detector.

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  3. IMPACT Protective Covers (Set of 2)

    Nokta Makro Protective Covers (Set of 2) (Impact)

    Sku: 1448-20000667
    Set of 2 Protective Covers for the Nokta | Makro IMPACT Learn More
  4. Minelab Control Box Cover (E-Series) 30010026 Image 1

    Minelab Control Box Cover (E-Series)

    Sku: 237-30010026
    Protect your Minelab E-Series from the Elements with this Fitted Rain Cover Learn More

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  5. Fisher Rain Cover (F2) RAINCOVF2 Image 1

    Fisher Rain Cover (F2)

    Sku: 12-RAINCOVF2
    Protect your Fisher F2 from the Elements with this Fitted Neoprene Rain Cover Learn More
  6. Fisher Rain and Dust Cover (F22 / F44) COVF44 Image 1

    Fisher Rain And Dust Cover (F22 / F44)

    Sku: 12-COVF44
    Protect your Fisher F22 and F44 from the Elements with this Fitted Neoprene Rain Cover Learn More
  7. Makro Rain and Dust Cover (Racer Series)

    Nokta Makro Rain & Dust Cover (Racer Series)

    Sku: 1448-RACEREC
    Compatible with the Nokta | Makro Racer Series. Set of 2 high quality covers help to protect from scratches and the elements. Learn More

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What is the Best Rain and Dust Cover for Your Metal Detector?

No metal detector is created the same, and this also applies to the user. Some people are searching for a simple rain and dust protective barrier to safely store their metal detector, while other folks need it to vigorously use their device in an all-terrain type of environment. Either way, it is crucial not to let the elements diminish the detection power of your machine. Kellyco stocks rain and dust covers that have quality and robust materials, ease of application, and user-friendly construction.

Purchasing the most suitable rain and dust protection can yield several benefits for your metal detector. It can shield your investment from the damaging effects of water, dust, salt spray, dirt, mud, and even scratches. Owning the right cover can help you control the amount of moisture created from humidity and other weather conditions. It can also prevent condensation from building up within your machine -- ultimately prolonging its life. You deserve to feel more comfortable and confident with the knowledge that your metal detector is properly secured against nature.

There are several considerations to take before buying a rain and dust cover, such as knowing about the material, being aware of the overall construction, having the appropriate size, and even picking the ideal color! With so many reputable brands around, it is fairly easy to overlook a feature or confuse an item with another. Our experts are available to help you pinpoint your preferences and match you with an item that is compatible with your metal detector and lifestyle. Whether you want a protector with partial or full coverage, a cover that completely encompasses your device, or a fitted cover that would allow for touch-screen access, Kellyco has several products and sets to choose from.

For more information about our rain and dust covers for your metal detector, you can chat live with one of our experts or call us at 888-535-5926.

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