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  1. Nokta Makro Harness (Invenio)

    The Nokta Makro Harness makes carrying your load easier by transferring weight to prevent exhaustion. Made for Invenio metal detectors. Learn More
    SKU: 17000331

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  2. Minelab Pro-Swing 45 Harness Spare Kit

    Durability-enhanced Minelab Pro-Swing 45 harness spare kit with an S-Cuff, bungy, and more. Learn More
    SKU: 3011-0246

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  3. DetectorPro Detecting Pal Bungee Harness

    SKU: DPH

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  4. Minelab Pro-Swing 45 Harness

    The ergonomically designed Minelab Pro-Swing 45 Harness perfectly distributes your detector weight across your body - eliminating fatigue Learn More
    SKU: 3011-0245

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  5. Minelab Harness Assembly (GPX Series)

    Minelab harness assembly for GPX series with an ergonomic design for weight distribution to ease fatigue and extend search periods Learn More
    SKU: 3011-0202

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  6. Treasure Products E-Z Swing Harness System

    SKU: EZ-12

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  7. Fisher Chest Harness (CZ-21 / 1280X / Gold Bug 2)

    SKU: 2029101000

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  8. Nokta Makro Harness (Deephunter 3D)

    The ergonomic Nokta Makro Harness transfers weight to make carrying your load easier. Made for Deephunter 3D & Jeohunter3D metal detectors. Learn More
    SKU: 17000330

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