Metal Detector Batteries

At Kellyco, you'll find a wide selection of metal detector batteries, chargers, and battery-related accessories from a large variety of popular manufacturers. We promise to make your shopping experience as enjoyable and seamless as possible; for many metal detecting hobbyists, we're a one-stop shop. If you have any questions about metal detecting, batteries, or something else, don't hesitate to ask our team of factory-certified metal detector experts.

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Should I Buy Rechargeable Batteries or Alkaline?

While rechargeable batteries are more expensive than regular batteries, the up-front cost of them will offset regular alkaline batteries over time because you won't have to buy them as often. Therefore, if you're serious about metal detecting and use your metal detector often, rechargeable batteries are likely the best route to go.

There is another thing you should consider before investing in rechargeable batteries, though. Many rechargeable batteries carry a slightly lower voltage than their counterparts. While regular alkaline batteries carry a voltage of approximately 1.5 V for every AA cell, rechargeable batteries only carry a voltage of about 1.2. This means that if your detector uses eight AA alkaline batteries, for example, you'll have 9.6 volts with the rechargeable battery and approximately 12 V with the alkaline. This shouldn't have a negative impact on your detection depth and sensitivity, but it will impact the amount of time you'll be able to use your metal detector.

Do Headphones Increase Battery Life?

Yes, headphones do increase battery life. Headphones provide more benefits other than that, though; they also allow you to hunt with greater privacy and increase your ability to hear detection signals without background noise from the surrounding environment. Headphones will allow even those with good hearing to hear sounds they would not otherwise catch. And, as a general concept, crisp sound is more important than a wide frequency of sound. In most cases, headphones with higher impedance (100 ohms or greater) offer crisper and cleaner detection sounds.

Are Battery Test Readings Accurate?

Battery tests are only accurate if the test is conducted while the batteries are supplying the proper amount of current to load ratio. In other words, if the batteries are not delivering an accurate current during the test or if a poor voltage meter is used, the test will be inaccurate. Batteries also tend to "refill" after a long amount of downtime, which will also lead to inaccurate test readings.

Why Buy From Kellyco?

At Kellyco, we sell a wide variety of metal detectors and metal detecting parts and accessories, and all of our items are priced competitively. Kellyco has been a provider of metal detectors and metal detecting supplies for over 60 years. Not only do we have the right amount of experience to help you with any questions you have, but our team is factory-certified to direct you to the right product or products for your specific needs.