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Metal Detecting Headphone Accessories

Headphones are one of the essential accessories for your metal detector. With so many advances in technology over the last few years, many new metal detecting headphone accessories are now available. Kellyco Metal Detectors has over 60 years’ experience selling metal detectors and accessories. They have been a stalwart of the industry, so as the products have evolved, they know exactly what type of equipment is perfect for you. The staff is always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone who has a question about a product. Kellyco has an enormous variety of products at a reasonable price. So no matter what your needs are they will help you find the right product available for you.

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What kind of accessories do I need for my headphones?

Headphones come in a variety of sizes and levels of quality. As you know, headphones for metal detecting are specially designed to process the sound that a metal detector makes to give you the maximum depth of sound while still maintaining the safety of your hearing. However, parts can wear out over time, no matter what kind of headphones you own. Maybe you need new ear covers because the old ones wore out. Maybe your wire is a bit frayed, so instead of buying a new pair of headphones you just buy a replacement wire.

Sometimes, when you decide to purchase a new metal detector, but it has a 1/8" input jack and your old one had a 1/4" input jack. Not to worry, because there are adapters of many varieties available. Some brands of metal detectors even have unique input areas that are designed for specific headphones. This can be a problem if you decided not to buy new headphones, or you have a pair that is a higher quality than the ones that came with the detector. But instead of making another major purchase, you can save a lot of money by buying adapters that will allow you to put in any standard 1/4" or 1/8" jack into their proprietary input.

Headphone accessories can extend the life of your headphones. This is a huge money saver, especially if you have purchased extremely high end headphones that would be fairly expensive to replace.

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