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Metal Detecting Headphones

A Variety of Headphones for Metal Detectors

Looking to purchase headphones for your metal detector? We offer a variety of metal detector headphones from top brands such as Garrett, Kellyco, Minelab, Fisher, and more. We have a pair that fits your needs and your budget.

Why Do You Need Headphones for Your Metal Detector?

If you’re using your metal detector in an area crowded with people or you’re dealing with noise from waves or the wind, metal detector headphones can help. Quality headphones block out surrounding noises, making it possible for you to clearly hear the indicator sounds of your metal detector. This is even more important if you’re using a metal detector that emits various tones based upon what it’s found. Using headphones also gives you extra privacy- you may not want other people to know when you’ve found something.

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Tips for Choosing Headphones

When you’re ready to purchase headphones for your metal detector, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind. Follow these tips to make sure you buy the best headphones for your needs.

First, check the headphone plug. Most detectors feature a ¼” headphone plug, so you’ll want to look for headphones that have a ¼” plug or you’ll need to use an adapter.

It’s also important to consider whether you need headphones that have volume controls for each ear. With this feature, you can easily adjust the volume to a comfortable level. If you’re working in a dangerous area, you can turn off the volume in one ear to ensure you are alert to any dangers in the area.

Durability and reliability are also important when you purchase headphones for metal detectors. Look for options with strong construction, ensure the cord is securely attached, and go with headphones that are developed for outdoor use. Some top-quality headphones even feature replaceable cords, allowing you to carry a spare cord with you in case you have a problem. This means you can replace the cord instead of replacing the headphones if the cord eventually fails.

Comfort is also important when you’re choosing your metal detector headphones. Since you’ll probably be wearing them for a significant amount of time, you want headphones that are cushioned to enhance comfort. You’ll also want to avoid headphones that are too heavy, since they can begin to feel uncomfortably heavy the longer you wear them.

Of course, you also need to keep sound quality in mind. You want headphones that allow you to even hear the faintest sounds from your metal detector.

It’s also important to look for great deals, ensuring you get high-quality headphones for a competitive price. With these tips to guide you, you’ll be able to select quality headphones that will enhance your metal detecting excursions.

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