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$400.00 and above Metal Detecting Coils

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  • Nugget Finder 14" Advantage Mono (SL)

    Nugget Finder 14" Advantage Mono (SL)

    Because it's shaped carefully, with a slender design, it can much more easily be placed under bushes or beneath rocks where you might be able to find something that would have otherwise been overlooked.

    Sku: 43-NF14RM
  • Nugget Finder 14 x 9" Advantage Mono (Solid)

    Nugget Finder 14 x 9" Advantage Mono (Solid)

    The sensitivity of the coil is very high, even when the nuggets are tiny. Between sensitivity and versatility, you won't miss anything with this great coil.

    Sku: 43-NF14EMZ
  • Nugget Finder 14 x 9" Advantage Mono (SL)

    Nugget Finder 14 x 9" Advantage Mono (SL)

    This Nugget Finder monoloop 14 by 9 inch coil is hollowed out to keep it lightweight and ready for lengthy searches

    Sku: 43-NF14EMS
  • Nugget Finder 14 x 7" Advantage Mono (Solid)

    Nugget Finder 14 x 7" Advantage Mono (Solid)

    This search coil is solid and does offer a large search range so you can search more space faster and you can still have a manageable size search coil.

    Sku: 43-NF14EM
  • Nugget Finder 12" Advantage Mono (Solid)

    Nugget Finder 12" Advantage Mono (Solid)

    The 12" Advantage Mono Nugget Finder search coil has one of the most lightweight and innovative designs available in the industry today.

    Sku: 43-NF12RMZ
  • Nugget Finder 12" Advantage Mono (SL)

    Nugget Finder 12" Advantage Mono (SL)

    The 12" Advantage Mono SL features improved stability with a completely new coil housing design and is made from a super strong epoxy polyurethane.

    Sku: 43-NF12RM
  • Nugget Finder 16" Advantage Mono (Solid)

    Nugget Finder 16" Advantage Mono (Solid)

    Featuring a solid pattern will make your hunting much easier. The Polyarbonate Shaft Mount reduces cracking and damage by spreading out the pressure when the search coil is in use.

    Sku: 43-NF16RMZ
  • Nugget Finder 17 x 11" Advantage Mono (SL)

    Nugget Finder 17 x 11" Advantage Mono (SL)

    It is water resistant to 1m and lightweight for easy maneuverability. You can keep it as a large back up for smaller coils or have as your daily use.

    Sku: 43-NF17EM
  • Nugget Finder 17 x 11" Advantage Mono (Solid)

    Nugget Finder 17 x 11" Advantage Mono (Solid)

    This search coil comes in solid style. The Polyarbonate Shaft Mount will reduce the chance of cracking or damage to the coil by spreading the stress across the wide area.

    Sku: 43-NF17EMZ

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What are the Different Types of Search Coils?

There are several different types of metal detector coils you can choose from.

  • - Mono
  • - 2-Box
  • - Imaging
  • - Double-D
  • - Concentric

When choosing, you should consider what type of soils you intend to search, what type of detector you have, and what type of target you are searching for. There are five basic types of search coils: concentric, imaging, mono, double D, and 2-box coils.

Mono search coils are used only with pulse induction metal detectors. They work the same way as the above coils but are different in that the transmitter and receiver are located together within one coil. Mono coils enable you to have maximum sensitivity and depth but may be more difficult to use in highly mineralized soils.

2-box coils are unlike the above coils as they involve a transmitter and receiver coil that are at opposite ends of the detector, up to a few feet apart. This distance between the coils widens and deepens the detection field, making it easier to find deeply buried targets.

Imaging search coils are a type of concentric coil that are more advanced. They have an additional receiver coil, which allows for true target sizing and additional depth capabilities. This will allow you to distinguish between trash and treasure more effectively.

Double D search coils, called this because they are shaped like back-to-back letter Ds, are designed to reduce ground interference and improve performance. Because of the way DD coils are shaped, they have a cancelling effect on ground signals. This makes them more effective in areas with mineralized ground. This type of coil is often preferred for relic hunting.

Concentric search coils are the most common type of coil. This type of coil is called concentric because it consists of two coils, one inside the other, like concentric circles. The outside coil is the transmitter and the inside coil is the receiver. Concentric search coils are versatile and provide the most symmetrical field, making it easy and consistent when narrowing in on targets.

What are the Different Sizes of Search Coils?

Using different size search coils can improve your metal detecting performance in different areas. The difference in coil sizes can mean more ground coverage and deeper detection rates. It’s generally accepted that the diameter of the coil you use is an estimate of its detection depth for targets that are about the size of a coin – although this isn’t always a guarantee. Smaller coils have a more concentrated magnetic fields in smaller areas. They tend to work well in areas that have more metal debris. Due to the smaller size, it may take you longer to detect the area you are searching, but it also may enable you to detect multiple targets that are in close proximity to one another.

Larger coils, of course, will make it easier to detect larger search areas, but it can lead to your search being less concentrated which may cause you to miss smaller targets. If there are many metal items inside the coils field, it may be harder to pinpoint specific targets.

Does the Shape of the Search Coil Matter?

Search coils come in different shapes as well as sizes, and the shape will provide you with different benefits depending on where you are hunting. For example, an elliptical coil offers a lot of flexibility and with a narrower width, it can provide better coverage of your search area. A round or circular coil will provide more sensitivity and greater depth in detection areas. If you have further questions about which type of coil to use for a specific search area, ask one of our knowledgeable employees for advice.

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