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Metal Detecting Bags

Whether you are a casual hobbyist using a metal detector to explore the beach, woods or your own backyard, or you're a professional security officer or contractor, having the right equipment is critical for success. To keep that vital equipment protected and long lasting, you want to be sure you have a storage bag that will work for you.

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  • White's Black Deluxe Backpack 6011254 Image 1

    White's Black Deluxe Backpack

    Fits Most White’s Metal Detector Models
    Sku: 960-6011254
  • Fisher Padded Carry Bag 103693 Image 1

    Fisher Padded Carry Bag

    Rugged Double Stitched Construction with Exterior Pocket. Long Enough to Carry an Assembled Detector
    Sku: 12-103693
  • Bounty Hunter Carry Bag with Logo 1 Image 1

    Bounty Hunter Carry Bag with Logo

    Made of Heavy-Duty Nylon with Outside Zippered Pocket and Full Length Zipper. Fits All Bounty Hunter Models
    Sku: 622-1

    Was: $29.95

    On Sale: $26.95

  • Fisher Camouflage Backpack FCBACKPACK Image 1

    Fisher Camouflage Backpack

    Features Padded Shoulder Straps, Multiple Compartments, Tie-Loops and Insulated Inner Pocket Ideal for a Hydration Pouch
    Sku: 12-FCBACKPACK
  • Garrett Camo Digger's Pouch 1612900 Image 1

    Garrett Camo Diggers Pouch

    Exterior Made of Molle-Type Webbing Grid Ideal for Attaching Tools. Includes Pockets to Separate Treasure from Trash.
    Sku: 14-1612900
  • Kellyco Deep Pocket Pouch with Logo 43966L Image 1

    Kellyco Deep Pocket Pouch with Logo

    Made from Strong Leather-Like Vinyl and Useful for Carrying Accessories
    Sku: 825-43966L
  • Teknetics Carry Bag CBAGT Image 1

    Teknetics Carry Bag

    Made of Rugged Double Stitched Nylon. Plenty of Room for Accessories
    Sku: 622-CBAGT
  • Garrett All-Purpose Backpack 1651700 Image 1

    Garrett All-Purpose Backpack

    Designed Specifically for Metal Detectors with Adjustable Straps and an Interior Search Coil Pouch
    Sku: 14-1651700
  • White's Treasure Hunting Apron 6010024 Image 1

    White's Treasure Hunting Apron

    Made from a Canvas Material with White’s Logo on it. Has 2 Pockets, One for Trash and One for Treasure
    Sku: 960-6010024

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What Features Should I Consider When Buying a Metal Detector Bag?

The two biggest considerations when choosing a metal detector bag are how you use the metal detector and what other gear you might be toting with you. When you're using your metal detector, you are often toting a number of other items with you, including maps, books, and GPS navigational systems to help you find where you are; necessary equipment such as headphones, extra coils digging tools, and coin probes; extra clothing such as rain gear, hats or gloves; personal belongings such as keys, phones, laptops and tablets; and water bottles and food. You'll want a carrying strap that is comfortable and adjustable.

Metal detector bags come in a variety of sizes and styles as well. Shoulder bags give you ready access and are generally smaller in size. Tote style bags are larger and longer and are ideal if you expect to find bigger items of discovered treasure. Other bags are fitted to allow for fully assembled metal detectors to be hauled.

At Kellyco Metal Detectors, we carry an extensive line of metal detector bags to fit your model and your needs for storage, travel, and functional needs while on the job. Our selection of metal detector bags represents a range of models from trusted manufacturers at very affordable prices. If you're having trouble deciding which bag is best for you, our experienced staff are ready to help you find the right model bag to keep you up and running.

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