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Turbo Pan 16" Gold Pan - Blue


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The Right Piece of Prospecting Equipment that Gets All the Gold Easily and Quickly

Turbo Pan 16" Gold Pan (Blue)
The Right Piece of Prospecting Equipment that Gets All the Gold Easily and Quickly

Turbo Pan gold pan is a prospecting tool and mining tool for the prospector and artisan miner involved in small scale mining. Whether you’re a hobbyist out looking for a run or a crevice filled with gold – or gold panning for a living in a developing country – Turbo Pan is the right piece of prospecting equipment that gets all the gold easily and quickly.

Blue color helps you see gold and other heavy minerals that let you know if you are on target with your prospecting.

Turbo Pan 16" Gold Pan (Blue)


  • Additional Sidewall Riffles
  • Well Built for Rugged Field Use
  • Anti-Clockwise Pattern for Waste Ejection
  • Computer Assisted Design for a Complex Hi-Tech Gold Pan
  • Blue Helps you See Gold and Other Heavy Minerals that Let you Know if you are on Target with your Prospecting

Customer Reviews

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3.5 average of 2 reviews

plastic is plastic . will last about three weeks of heavy panning and no more , but it is a good design.

Review by jay on March 28, 2019

plastic is plastic and will last only 3 weeks of heavy use but is a great design. wish i could get it in tin .

What an Amazing Tool!

Review by Daniel L on February 15, 2013

I got the Turbopan 2 weeks ago and went right away to the beach to test it out. There is a little creek flowing down the hill and I've seen a guy who was panning for gold there. I used my gold sucker to remove enough sand from beneath a boulder and got the Turbopan filled up. Applying the method seen on YouTube and this website for using the pan for maximum of 1.5 minutes I got nice bunch of small garnets on the bottom of the pan! What an amazing tool! The speed of recovery is unbeatable even for a non-professional gold prospector like myself! Thank you very much!

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