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Fisher 15" DD Deep Seeking Search Coil (F75)

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Waterproof 15" Search Coil from Fisher, Designed for Fisher F75. Includes 90 Day Factory Warranty

Fisher 15" DD Deep Seeking Search Coil (F75)
Waterproof 15" Search Coil from Fisher, Designed for Fisher F75. Includes 90 Day Factory Warranty

This 15" DD coil gives a huge depth advantage over the 11" especially when used with the boost or cache modes. The depth is incredible letting you see that deep virgin ground that is out of reach for all other detectors. The DD configuration and speed of the Fishers still gives excellent separation for a coil this size. All Fisher search coils are electrostatically shielded and waterproof, plus all Fisher accessories purchased separately (including coils) carry a 90 day warranty from the factory.


  • Size : 15" in Diameter
  • Compatibility : Fisher F75
  • Construction : Waterproof
  • Configuration : DD Search Coil
  • Warranty : 90 Day Factory Warranty

Customer Reviews

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15" DD works on Gold Bug Pro

Review by Dave on June 02, 2019

I tried the 15" DD coil on my Fisher gold bug pro and it works. The frequencies for both are not the same, GBP is 19khz and the coil 13khz? but it still works ok. I buried a quarter 13" in sand, gravel, crusher fines and the detector in all metal mode saw it. It was a tone change. This is my second deepest detector now. If the detector and coil had matched frequencies, it might detect deeper (if I had an F-75 or could get into the GBP and adj freq to 13khz). It's all fun, you be the judge. I haven't tested it up in the mnts yet. Back problems. : (

It is heavy. I took off the coil cover. I cut the hook off of a bungie cord ( it had metal in it!) and tied it to the 15" coil. The other end with the hook was secured to a soft rope around my neck and shoulder to help hold up the coil. I see now why some detectorists bought the 250 $$ thin coil. That's a lot of $$$. This works, but it's heavy.

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