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Detech 13" Ultimate DD Search Coil (Garrett ACE Series / CSI 250)

Sku: 134-13UACE
Retail: $349.95
Now Only: $179.95
13" Search Coil from Detech, Compatible with Garrett ACE Series and Garrett CSI 250. Includes Coil Cover

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Detech 13" Ultimate DD Search Coil (Garrett ACE Series / CSI 250)
13" Search Coil from Detech, Compatible with Garrett ACE Series and Garrett CSI 250. Includes Coil Cover

The ULTIMATE coil is a new generation DD coil. This coil works with the Garrett ACE Series of metal detectors, as well as the Garrett CSI 250. Compared with the classic DD coils the Ultimate DD Coil has ribbed housing, specially designed for absorbing the mechanical shocks and vibrations. It’s made of special polymer, strengthened with glass fibers and has maximum UV protection. This DD coil has more stable operation, better sensitivity, pinpointing and more accurate target identification. In the field it has more stable ground and better overall field performance. The coil keeps its perfect inductive balance in a very wide temperature range. This coil is light for it’s size. It weighs approximately 480g.

*Please Note : A coil cover is included with this search coil.

Color May Vary (Comes in Black or White)

Detech 13" Ultimate DD Search Coil (Garrett ACE Series / CSI 250)


  • 13" in Diameter
  • Coil Cover Included
  • Compatible with Garrett ACE Series and CSI 250
  • Coil Keeps its Perfect Inductive Balance in a Very Wide Temperature Range

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Worth the Bucks

Review by Chip K on February 24, 2015

Started out with a pair of Ace 250s (now have 6 machines). To improve performance and increase my finds, I put a sniper coil on one and an Ultimate 13" coil on the second. This gave me the opportunity to hunt trashy areas and open spots like beaches and parks. The Ultimate greatly improved the depth I was able to hunt as well as giving me a much wider swath of coverage with every swing of the coil.
Even though I have progressed to more detailed machines I still take the 250s out and hunt. I especially like to take the one with the 13" coil to the beach and hunt the dry sands. I have recovered numerous coins, keys and yes, rings of many types and values.
If you hunt with an Ace, I highly recommend this option. Well worth the money.

Detech Ultimate 13"

Review by Jerry S on August 04, 2014

I've been using this on a Garrett Ace 250 for primarily beach hunting where it's all about covering lots of square footage. The coil hooks right up and works right out of the box. However, it will take time to get used to. The sheer size of the thing will make you laugh in comparison to the stock search coil. After a few practice sessions I can't imagine using anything less, in fact I tried to use my stock coil again and that lasted less than an hour. I've been re-working sections that I previously cleared and have been recovering coins, and jewelry at 10-12". This coil runs pretty well with the sensitivity in the half way range. Notable features include light weight, large coverage area, 12"+ penetration, and it's durable. The one argument I considered is buying a $200 coil vs. just upgrading my entire detector. I went with the coil and I've been really happy, its allowed me to purposely build my 250 into a beach searching machine. I like the idea that it does one job really well rather than most jobs marginally. When using any coil this large it's almost a necessity to use a pin pointer, this coil on my detector with the use of a pin pointer has increased my hits and recovery substantially.

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