Brownie's Sea LiOn 3.0 Standard Dive System


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    To Help Prevent Serious Injury or Death, Before Use of This Product:

    1. Read Sea LiOn Owner’s – Users Manual: Click Here, and
    2. Read Brownie's Third Lung Assumption of Risk, Waiver, and Release Agreement: Click Here

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    Product Description

    Brownie’s proprietary Variable Speed (VS) technology constantly adjusts the compressors speed to meet the divers demand for air. During low demand, the compressor speed is reduced, conserving battery power. During high demand, the speed increases to provide a maximum volume of air to the divers. This Brownie's Sea LiOn diving system can support up to 4 divers with the purchase of additional accessories, or 2 divers right out of the box.


    • Up to 3 hours run time
    • Easy swap lithium ion battery with spring loaded contacts
    • Variable speed algorithm – system turns on and off based on diver breathing demands
    • Maximum depth selector for higher efficiency modes
    • Visible LED battery level indicator
    • Total unit weight 53 lb (mounted in pan, with battery)
    • Recreational diving performance: 2-4* divers 0-33ft on the Standard package. 2 divers to 60ft with the PRO Package (*with the purchase of the add-a-diver kit)
    • An accumulator tank that provides a buffer of air between the compressors available air output and the demand the diver is requiring
    • Completely recharge battery in 6 hours with a 24 Volt, 70.4 Ah (1774 Watt-hour) lithium ion battery pack with a 110v/220v charger.


    • Motor compressor in storage case
    • 24 Volt lithium ion battery with charger
    • Air intake staff with dive flag
    • Flotation tube
    • Accumulator tank
    • 40 ft main Peleton™ down line
    • 2 (ea) Y-Dividers
    • 3 (ea) 20 ft individual diver hoses
    • 3 (ea) low pressure regulators
    • 3 (ea) Brownie’s drop weight Cummerbelts
    • Brownie’s Deluxe mesh gear bag
    • SKU 285-SEALION3
    • Quick Look A Battery-Powered THIRD LUNG™ with equivalent performance to gasoline-powered systems. The Sea LiOn™ can run for up to 3 hours with a 2 diver capacity.
    • Manufacturer SKU SEALION3
    • Manufacturer Brownie's Third Lung
    • Product Type Diving Accessories
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