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XP Metal Detectors & Accessories

Manufactured in France, XP metal detectors are known for high-quality metal detectors containing the latest metal detecting technology. However, they don’t cost a fortune to own. Also, with a number of options available, finding the perfect XP metal detector to suit your own individual needs shouldn’t be a problem.

The Features of XP Metal Detectors

This model contains various options allowing it to be used in a number of locations and still deliver results. Some of the best features of XP Metal Detectors include wireless headphones and remote control. The XP Deus RC WS4 Metal Detector also comes with an 11” x35 coil. This search coil is standard, but it’s highly effective, especially when combined with the other features.

The battery life is also impressive lasting up to 27 hours before the lithium battery needs to be charged. This means you can take it out without worrying about running out of power. Oh, and the detector is foldable, telescopic, and ergonomic, so it’s comfortable to use for an extended period of time.

With the target ID, this model will tell both depths as well as what you are likely to unearth. These models also have a wireless back phone.

Detectors such as the XP Deus also come with several ground balance modes including beach, tracking, pumping, and manual allowing you to venture onto all kinds of terrain. Also, it includes a search coil cover, charger, transport case, and more.

What is Different About XP Metal Detectors?

What makes this brand stand out with models such as the XP Deus ws4? The difference is with the design of the detector search coil, remote control housed on a hip mount case, and audio headphones all interlinked via a digital radio link. This removes the need to have wires connecting everything together allowing for greater ease of movement.

As a wireless metal detector, the signal is sent from the coil directly to your headphones after it has been turned into a digital signal. However, this only works when you have the correct ws4 headphones, so that is something to remember if considering purchasing this model.

Using XP Metal Detectors in the Field

The XP Deus metal detector has four different ground balance options, as well as target ID, which means it can be used in various locations.

Whether you plan on gold prospecting, coin hunting, or treasure hunting, switching between modes takes seconds allowing you to take full advantage of the x35 search coil and all of its capabilities.

Even though they are full of features, XP metal detectors make it simple to use. You can easily update software via USB, and the detector takes control of everything. In fact, you shouldn’t stress about whether this range has the correct factory programs because they have been operating for decades and have fine-tuned the entire process from design to usage.

Who Should Use XP Metal Detectors?

XP metal detectors are perfect for both beginner and serious detectorists. However, they don’t come with features such as cave finding, but these metal detectors can be used by anybody outside of specific and specialized fields.

In addition, these metal detectors are weatherproof, so detecting with imperfect weather isn’t a problem. A bit of mud won’t stop this range pinpointing all kinds of lost treasure.

So, if you are considering purchasing a metal detector, then contact us at Kellyco via our customer care department. Our team of detectorists will answer any question you may have and will guide you towards the correct metal detector for your own needs and expectations.