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Treasure Products Metal Detectors & Accessories

Treasure Products focuses on the production of well-made and useful accessories and pinpointers that will make your metal detecting a whole lot easier. Inexpensive, but made to a high-standard, they are designed to help increase the possible areas you can go to with your metal detector.

Treasure Product Battery Covers

Manufactured to be compatible with a number of the Vibra Models by Treasure Products, their battery cover has a unique sealed design to replace your old version when it becomes tired and worn. It also works with the Treasure Products Pinpointers meaning your battery is fully protected even when the elements are against you.

Quick and easy to replace, it is also inexpensive while providing your metal detector with some extra protection.

Treasure Product Clips

The Treasure Products clip is designed to work with the wrist strap for the Vibra Models of metal detector. This clip attaches to the detector handle while the D-ring makes it easier for it to then be attached to a standard belt clip. Even in something as simple as this product, it is clear that Treasure Products have thought of everything to ultimately produce something both practical and functional.

Treasure Products Harnesses

The Treasure Products E-Z Swing Harness System will make your metal detecting hunts much easier and comfortable. The key is in its ability to distribute the weight aspect across more of your waist to prevent any one area from having to take on all of that stress on its own.

As comfort is key, the best harness is one that has additional padding and support around the shoulder area along with a cross design with the support straps that can also be easily adjusted. Harnesses of this type are often the best sellers.

Treasure Products Hip Mounts

Treasure Products hip mounts are designed to make it easier for you to carry around your pinpointer while also keeping your hands free for metal detecting. A pinpointer metal detector is a highly useful tool that you should have by your side at all times, and a hip mount is the easiest solution available.

What you are looking for with a hip mount is for it to be easy to attach to your body. In this instance, it has a large belt hoop meaning it can easily be attached to pretty much any belt on the market.

Treasure Products Pinpointers

The Treasure Products Vibra-Probe 585 Waterproof Pinpointer is an impressive pinpointer that can easily fit into your holster. Waterproof to over 100ft, they are lightweight and also highly accurate thanks to the pinpointer only working on the tip of the instrument rather than along the side. This does allow you to laser in on your new find.

With their range of pinpointers, you are alerted to it by pulses of vibration rather than a buzzing sound. They are fully automatic as well as operating via a tilt on and tilt off mechanism. This does help when it comes to preserving the battery although chargers are easily applied and will get you back detecting in next to no time.

If you are interested in any of the products available in our store from Treasure Products and wish to have a better understanding of them, then contact our customer care department. Our team of metal detecting experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have and guide you towards the right products for your own individual needs.

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