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RTG Sand Scoops

Reilly’s Treasured Gold, or RTG, produces some of the finest sand scoops in the metal detecting industry. Treasure hunting with a beach scoop is an effective way to find all kinds of metals that have washed up on the shore, from gold and silver jewelry, to old relics from the past. Kellyco is proud to offer the heavy duty products that RTG makes, and we always receive great feedback on these products. Let us show you why Kellyco should be your metal detector dealer of choice!


The RTG Side Beach Basket Sifter is built with the efficient treasure hunter in mind. This effective sifter can be worn on either hip and you simply drop dry sand on it to see what treasures you have found. Reilly’s Treasured Gold, Inc. designed the Basket Sifter with a heavy duty ½ inch mesh so that it is built to last. There is even a deflector that kicks sand out away from your body. If you have been looking for a sifter to take to the beach, this is the one.

Reilly’s Treasured Gold Scoops

RTG produces so many sand scoops and water scoops that are perfect for virtually any treasure hunter. These come in many different varieties, with some being built with long, stainless steel shafts that help you work less to scoop more. These aluminum sand scoops are incredibly light, while providing great strength and durability. Both the sand scoops and water scoops come in a variety of handle designs, from front-facing handles, to angled handles. Metal detecting is awesome with these scoops, because it is so easy to scoop quickly and effectively.