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Radius Garden Tools

Radius offers some of the most ergonomic and effective digging tools on the market today. Whether you are an experienced metal detectorist, or a metal detectorist who is looking for something to double as both a metal detecting digging tool and a garden tool, Kellyco has you covered. We offer a large selection of all kinds of Radius garden tools and hand tools to keep you detecting longer and more efficiently. All of these hand tools offered by Kellyco have a lifetime guarantee from Radius.


The Radius Root Slayer Soil Knife is one of the most ergonomic hand tools on the market today. The blade has been built to minimize wrist stress, while being made of stainless steel so that the blade is both lightweight and strong. The Root Slayer Soil Knife is equally at home in the parks and fields where you metal detect, or in the lawn & garden. This knife even comes with a twine cutter/bottle opener on it! The handle is made of thermoplastic, providing strength and a comfortable grip. This Radius knife is an excellent example of high-quality at a low price.

Radius Metal Detectors Shovels

There are two different types of shovels that Radius has produced. The first of which is the Radius Root Slayer Shovel. This beast of a tool can be used for almost any task you ask of it. The second, compact version of the Root Slayer Trowel, is the Radius Root Slayer Nomad. Both of these diggers have the same ergonomics and other features, while maintaining their differences in size. The stainless steel shovel blade on these are super-sharp, tough, and have true temper technology. Both Root Slayer shovels have steel shafts up to about halfway up on the handle, providing tons of strength and leverage for whatever task you use them for. Whether you are metal detecting with them or using them for DIY tasks around your yard, they flat out perform. If you have ever been looking for your next home improvement purchase, you would be smart to check out the Radius Root Slayer shovel line.

Radius Metal Detectors Trowels

As if Radius has not provided enough value and quality to the world of ergonomic hand tools, they also have the Radius Root Slayer Trowel. This hand trowel is built to perform as a garden hand tool or a metal detecting trowel, as it works equally well in either role. The fiberglass handle provides a lightweight feel, while remaining very strong. The carbon steel blade has two dozen teeth made to rip through tough soil. This is a perfect cultivator and transplanter aid, as the natural radius grip helps you retain complete control over the tool. The Root Slayer trowel comes with a built-in bottle opener/twine cutter for added utility. You can buy this trowel with a holster if you want it to always be with you anytime you are in the yard or working on home improvement tasks.

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