Quest Metal Detectors & Accessories

Quest Metal Detectors was founded by hobby detectorists looking to bring both quality and value to the metal detecting market. Whether you are browsing their myriad of metal detectors or perusing their many metal detecting accessories, you will be happy to see such a large selection of products built to perform. Kellyco is proud to carry a wide variety of Quest Metal Detectors, such as their Quest Pro metal detector, their variety of headphones, or their precision pinpointer. If you have any questions about Quest Metal Detectors’ products, please reach out to our customer experience team and we would be happy to help.

Quest Metal Detectors

Quest produces several metal detectors that feature different price ranges, different features, and different designs, allowing every metal detectorist to find their perfect machine. The Quest Pro is one of the higher-end options that features excellent detection depth, great ground coverage, and incredible ergonomic design. If you are looking for an entry-level machine, consider the Quest X5 or the Quest Q20 metal detector. Each metal detector comes stock with a double-D search coil that provides excellent ground coverage, a coil cover for that search coil, waterproof capabilities, and ergonomic features that allow compatibility with wireless headphones and other products. Every Quest metal detector is built to last a lifetime and will keep you finding plenty of treasure with minimal effort.

Quest Pinpointers

Quest Metal Detectors produces a couple of different pinpointer varieties you can add to your wishlist, with different features, intended uses, and price points. The lowest price, but certainly not low-quality, is the Quest XPointer Pinpointer that is available in either orange or black. This pinpointer is incredibly sensitive and built to last with its water-resistant qualities. The Quest XPointer Pro Waterproof Pinpointer is built to withstand depths of up to 200 feet underwater and will find virtually any metal object with its high sensitivity. If you are someone who hunts underwater all of the time and is looking for a larger pinpointer that uses pulse induction, consider the Quest Scuba Tector. You can use it on land or water, and it will certainly provide you with powerful magnetic detection abilities. Consider one of Quest’s pinpointer products if you are wanting to make your treasure hunting more efficient.

Quest Digging Tools

Quest Digging Tools are made with the utmost attention to detail and will greatly speed up any detectorist’s metal detecting. They have both land and water treasure hunters covered with their digging tool options. The Quest Diamond Digger is one of the finest soil knives on the market. The Diamond Digger features either a left-hand serration or a right-hand serration option, making it easy for both lefties and righties to find their ideal tool. This soil knife comes with an included holster that attaches to your belt. The Quest Scoopal is built with beach hunters in mind, as the mesh design filters out sand, trash, and unwanted sediments to sift out while keeping your treasure within. This scoopal is also lightweight and durable, and comes with the option to purchase a short handle or a longer handle, depending on your preference. Each Quest Metal Detector digging tool is built with exacting standards that show every time you use the product.

Quest Headphones

Quest Metal Detectors has a very wide variety of headphone options, suiting almost every detectorist’s needs. The Quest wirefree line of products can really make metal detecting more pleasant, without having to worry about wires and cords when you are digging for your target. Headphones come in small, lightweight designs, or larger, more padded designs, and there are even waterproof headphones offered as well. All Quest Headphones feature ultra-crisp and clear audio regardless of the variety of conditions encountered while in the field. Each headphone lasts a long time before it needs to be charged again with its USB rechargeable capabilities. Virtually all of the Quest headphones are excellent for most metal detecting scenarios and will provide you with years of use. If you have any questions, please reach out, as we would love to help you out.

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