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OKM Detectors & Accessories

OKM metal detectors are aimed at the professional detectorist, so most of their models contain high-end features not found on other detectors that are aimed at the beginner or entry-level detectorist. This high-quality brand can do more than locating metal objects, so knowing its full capabilities before purchasing is recommended.


With different models available from OKM, knowing what each option can do will help you determine which model is best. For example, understanding what to expect from models such as the OKM Fusion Professional and its difference to the OKM Rover UC can help you choose the right detector for your needs.

The Variety of OKM Metal Detectors

OKM metal detectors are more than just a simple gold detector. Instead, these models include features such as ground-penetrating radar and cavity detectors. In other words, this brand is about more than finding treasure.

With OKM, you get the ability to fully equip yourself for different scenarios. From a precision 3d ground scanner to a 3d ground navigator, to a long-range detector, OKM detectors are used for more than just treasure finds.

Instead, if you are looking for equipment to help with surveying and giving you an accurate depiction of what lies below the surface, then the detection technology created by OKM is second to none.

The OKM Rover C4 Metal Detector operates as a ground scanner, pinpointer, magnetometer, or a mineral scanner. The OKM Evolution NTX Metal Detector works well as a normal metal detector and a deep ground scanner. The OKM Exp range specializes in providing the best metal detection equipment delivering accurate results as the best detector on the market for uncovering hidden treasure.

There are a number of other models of metal detector developed by OKM and we recommend checking out our collection of models to see which models fit best with your needs.

Key Features of OKM Metal Detectors

OKM loves delivering data in real-time, so their metal detectors often come with touchscreens or with easy access via your laptop. This permits the transfer of data allowing you to determine what your next course of action should be.

Also, OKM has incorporated a new SRIS search coil. This coil is activated on its own and before other modes such as Ground Scan or Live Sound are activated. This SRIS search coil is best with any dirt that has been excavated with its ability to act like a pinpointer. In short, it allows you to check for any missed artifacts no matter their size.

Furthermore, different OKM models include features such as orientation sensors designed to keep those probes close to the ground. They also include control units that are designed to make it easy to check out the screen even in adverse light conditions. Lastly, these machines have GPS navigation, WiFi integration, and wireless technology.

Choosing the Right OKM Metal Detector to Add to Your Wishlist

Selecting the right OKM metal detector is tough and that is where specialized detectors can help. For example, if you need to check for water deposits below ground, then the OKM GeoSeeker can detect water deposits to a depth of 100m.

If you plan on detecting gold, then the OKM Gold Labor Au 79 Metal Detector is a great choice. This helps determine the potential gold levels in soil samples and delivers instant results.

If you are unsure which OKM metal detector to choose, then give our customer care department a call. Our highly experienced detectorists will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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