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Lesche Digging Tools

When it comes to metal detecting digging tools, Lesche simply can’t be beat. Lesche digging tools are made right here in the USA, and come in many varieties for every treasure hunting situation. Here at Kellyco, we offer many Lesche digging tools that can be used for any task you need them for, be it metal detecting or for weeding your garden! Put the strength of these tools offered by Lesche to use so that you can focus on using your metal detector more efficiently and effectively than on digging.


The Lesche Digging Cutting Tool with Sheath is one of the most durable and valuable diggers you will put your hands on. There are two varieties: LS and RS. LS means “left serration” and RS means “right serration”. Whichever hand you predominantly use will determine which serrated model you should purchase. You can put the cordura holster on your right side or left side depending on which works best for you. The alloy steel blade is heat tempered, making this serrated blade a tough product that will last a lifetime. The total blade length on this model is 7 inches long. Consider purchasing a Lesche soil cutter from Kellyco, as these products will help you quickly cut through soil to find your target.

Lesche Digging Tools Picks

This Lesche Lightweight Mini Pick is one of the greatest portable picks on the market today. No matter where you are detecting, tough ground conditions will not be able to stop you with this Lesche tool. The metal on this pick is of aircraft-quality steel, making it tough enough to last you a lifetime of prospecting. The comfortable rubber grip handle on this pick is both comfortable and ergonomic, and the entire tool weighs only one pound. Kellyco is proud to offer the Lesche Mini Pick and if you are looking for a pick that won’t weigh you down, this is the one for you.

Lesche Digging Tools Shovels

Coming in many different blade and handle shapes and styles, all of the Lesche shovels are loved by Kellyco’s customers. Lesche’s shovels should be called the “King of Spades”, as if you look at customer reviews, you will surely put one of these on your wishlist. There are T-handle, D-handle, and ball-handle models of spades. There are various blade shapes and styles available, including serrated, angular blades, and rounded blades. The Ground Shark model is one of their most popular, and it comes in handle sizes of 28”, 36”, and 40”. These double-edged diggers come with one side of the blade a serrated edge, and the other has a sharp cutting blade. The Ground Shark very well might be the ultimate digging tool for detectorists, with its saw tooth edge and a highly-portable overall length.

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