Keene Engineering

*Note: All Keene drop shipments will require an additional 10% drop ship fee that is based on the current selling price of the item.

Keene Engineering has been a supplier of high-quality prospecting and gold mining supplies for over 50 years. Whether you have been gold prospecting for years or you are brand new to it, Keene Engineering’s products are hard to beat. Treasure hunters and prospectors alike can use these products to find gold nuggets and hit paydirt virtually anywhere. Kellyco is proud to offer Keene Engineering’s products and support their family-owned business!

Best-Selling Keene Engineering Products


Classifying all of the material you have picked up before you run it through any gold pans or sluice boxes saves a lot of time. Keene’s concentrator sieves are excellent investments, as they fit atop most 5-gallon buckets and have a stainless steel mesh and tough plastic. There are a variety of sieves with different mesh counts, allowing you to filter out more and more debris. These classifying sieves are meant to last, so check them out.

Keene Engineering Dredges

Keene Engineering has produced so many different types of dredges for virtually any type of gold prospector. It doesn’t matter whether you have been a goldbug for one day or for one decade, as there are many varieties of dredges available that all highlight Keene’s excellent features. Run by Honda engines and coming in a variety of pumps and compressors for various people’s needs, these dredges will fish more gold out of less material. Many of the various dredges come with varying sluice box systems, as some feature more and some feature less. Every Keene gold dredge comes with Keene’s well-designed flotation system, making your treasure hunting last longer with more comfort and ease-of-use.

Keene Engineering Drywashers

Keene has taken all of their experience with mining equipment and developed some of the best drywashers in the industry. There are three different Keene gold drywashers, and each has their role in prospectors’ arsenals. There is a hand crank option that is built to be lightweight and there are also vibrostatic options that are run by a motor. Either of these options will provide you with a machine built to filter out junk so you can keep the smallest gold nuggets that you earned. All models come with large hoppers that can handle a lot of material and the riffle design makes drywashing a snap.

Keene Engineering Gold Pans

Coming in a variety of sizes, Keene Engineering’s gold pans are perfect for treasure hunters of any kind. Anyone going on a metal detecting adventure can carry a gold pan in their pack while still being able to use their metal detector. Gold panning is for everyone, and can be learned quickly by using Keene Engineering’s gold pans. Keene 3-Stage Gold Pans come in four sizes: 10”, 12”, 14”, and 16”. These rugged pans can be used to quickly find the smallest gold flakes and nuggets, and there are even directions on the bottom of the pan. For someone looking for an all-inclusive kit, the Keene Cyclone Wet or Dry Gold Pan & Mining Kit could be excellent for you. It contains three different sieves, a foot pump (for dry washing), and a 14” cyclone pan. All of this prospecting equipment is built out of the strongest and lightest materials on the market today. Panning for gold nuggets is the most relaxing way to enjoy prospecting, and whether you use a gold metal detector or a sluice box or dredge, it can be nice to get back to the basics.

Keene Engineering Sluice Boxes

Whether you are looking for a sluice box or a power sluice, Kellyco has you covered. Keene Engineering has created several different options for both small-scale sluicing, in addition to high-efficiency power sluicing. The Keene High Production Hand Sluice can be highly productive for prospecting in hard to reach places or for use by beginners. The power sluice options are dredge combinations, as the pump and hose can do a lot more of the work for you, allowing for more efficient and comfortable gold prospecting. No matter what you are wanting out of your sluice box, Keene Engineering produces high-quality items at a reasonable price. Check out all of the sluice boxes you can use today, allowing you a chance to hit some serious paydirt.