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JW Fishers Metal Detectors & Accessories

JW Fishers is well-known for their excellent pulse induction underwater metal detectors that work very well in saltwater conditions, as well as for land use. While these are obviously great machines for metal targets, they also make a variety of other products, from commercial equipment to headphones. After browsing customer reviews of JW Fishers’ products, it may be difficult to not put them all on your wishlist. Kellyco is proud to carry all of these products that have a two-year unconditional warranty.

Best-Selling JW Fisher Metal Detectors Products

JW Fishers

JW Fishers produces a great number of commercial equipment designed to be used by professionals in any underwater industry. There are side-scan sonar metal detectors, towed sonar metal detectors, single frequency pingers (SFP), and pinger receivers. These professional-grade items come in single frequency options, as well as dual-frequency. JW Fishers also produces dropped video systems that greatly enhance underwater search efforts. All of these commercial equipment is designed to provide high-quality at a reasonable price. Reach out to Kellyco for any questions or concerns you have, as we would be happy to help.

JW Fishers Headphones

If you are looking for some headphones that are entirely waterproof, consider JW Fishers Dual Underwater Headphones or single underwater earphones. Both of these options can really help you figure out whether or not you have a deep and valuable target, or a newer surface find. If you decide to use your detector on land, there are land headphones that are an excellent value for the features they provide.

JW Fishers Metal Detectors

There are a wide variety of pulse induction metal detectors that JW Fishers has produced. These metal detectors are built for both treasure hunters and law enforcement officials. These detectors have high sensitivity to all metal objects, creating a powerful and effective way to do some underwater searches. The JW Fishers SAR-1 Search and Recovery Metal Detector is built for the use of law enforcement officials, as there are no cords or wires to snag on anything. The Fishers Pulse 6X metal detector and the JW Fishers Pulse 8X metal detector are made to effectively and efficiently help you recover metal objects both underwater and for land use.

JW Fishers Pinpointers

The JW Fishers 22” Hand Probe with 1” Search Coil can be used with both the Pulse 6X and the Pulse 8X. This hand probe helps you easily pinpoint exactly where the metal target you are looking for is located, saving you time and effort. It can be used to dig into the soft bottom or in any cracks or crevices you may find on the bottom. The Hand Probe is also great if you have the chance to get inside a shipwreck. No matter how you use it, this pinpointer will save you time and effort.

JW Fishers Search Coils

JW Fishers has produced a variety of additional search coils that can be used with the Pulse 6X and 8X metal detectors. There are options from 5” search coils to 16”, and everywhere in between, making it easier to hunt in both high-trash areas and areas where you want to cover a lot of ground. You can be sure that JW Fishers search coils are built to perform very well, both underwater and on land.