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Finding that gold nugget isn’t always easy. However, with Goldbay you can be assured that your gold prospecting experience will be enjoyable. Their products help you have a more productive hunt and hit more paydirt thanks to the predetermined amount of gold with each bag. This makes buying products by Goldbay worthwhile with it allowing you to practice your gold hunting techniques even in your own backyard.

Best-Selling Goldbay Products


Goldbay paydirt is an ingenious way to try out gold panning while feeling safe knowing that there is gold waiting to be found. Since you already know there is gold to be found, you can work on your techniques and methods to extract the maximum amount of gold possible.

The Goldbay Gold Options

With Goldbay, you have different options regarding the amount of gold held in each bag of paydirt. These natural gold nuggets are weighed in advance, so you know the exact amount of gold waiting to be found in each bag.

However, with Goldbay you have the option of getting gold from different locations. This means there is variation in price but, as mentioned before, you know the exact amount of gold in advance.

The Gold Price and Goldbay

Gold prices can vary, and we know that this makes a real difference to the price you would be expecting to pay. However, a gold prospector knows that you should never just go to Ebay and expect a great deal. That’s not going to happen. In fact, you may have a nasty surprise passing paydirt through your sluice only to discover that you don’t get as much as you thought you would.

Why we love Goldbay is because you have a money-back guarantee if things don’t meet the standards you should expect. You know that the gold in your purchase is there and you are getting what you paid for.

Goldbay Paydirt and Accessories

Aside from the paydirt, you should also be aware of accessories that are capable of making life easier. Having panning accessories will be the ideal way to get started when it comes to exploring your bag of paydirt.

This could be the best way to introduce someone to the thrill of discovering gold. Also, thanks to Goldbay, putting together your own toolkit is easy. All you need is a gold pan and a small amount of water, and you are good to go.

Choosing the Right Goldbay Product

How do you go about choosing the right Goldbay product? Well, price is going to play a part as the gold included comes from various parts of the United States. Also, this is not a low-quality product. This is real gold and is amongst the best products of its kind.

Thanks to the price of gold fluctuating, there are different options with the amount of gold you receive from Goldbay in grams. We recommend spending less focus on the amount of dirt per bag and drop the idea of using a gold pan if you would prefer to check out your latest gold metal detector. Realizing that it can detect smaller nuggets of gold will boost your confidence when going out into the wild.

Check out the different Goldbay products that we have in our store here at Kellyco and then look forward to panning or detecting. Perfect for beginners, people testing equipment, or getting kids involved in gold detecting will make purchasing from Goldbay worth your while.

If you have any concerns regarding purchasing any Goldbay products, then our customer care department will be on hand to answer any questions that you may have. Our team of expert detectorists can help guide you towards the perfect paydirt option as well as advise you on any other items you may be interested in.