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Garrett Security Metal Detectors

By investing in one of Garrett security metal detectors, you will be investing in a quality and reliable product. These security metal detectors are designed to catch any metal objects on an individual that could be dangerous, and in a world where security is becoming even more important, knowing you have the equipment in place that can operate in this manner will prove to be a great decision.

Garrett Security

With several models to choose from, selecting the right Garrett security metal detector for your needs is going to involve taking some time to examine what each model has to offer. With that in mind, knowing what to expect from the various models in advance should make that decision easier.

What to Look Out For with Garrett Security Metal Detectors

The first thing to be aware of is that security metal detectors made by Garrett meet the relevant Safety Act requirements. What that means is that the various models have passed stringent tests that ensure these machines are reliable.

This all means they can be used in places such as schools, airports, office buildings, and more. The only requirement is the ability to have the machinery installed.

Aside from the Safety Act, you should also be aware of the detectors having multiple pinpoint zones and this means items can be detected from a variety of angles, making it harder to effectively beat the detector. Add in the option to vary the sensitivity levels alongside different security programs, and what you should be able to achieve with your Garrett security metal detector is increased versatility while also having peace of mind nothing dangerous is getting overlooked.

These detectors are resilient, scratch-resistant, and can easily be moved into place with minimal effort. That being said, these are high-quality detectors capable of scanning a large number of people on an hourly basis while delivering accurate detection with each and every person.

The Key Features of Garrett Security Metal Detectors

Garrett security metal detectors come with the ability to target 33 different zones of the body via a series of sensors. This makes it difficult for someone to conceal any metal object as these sensors cover every conceivable angle. With this, we are talking about each individual who passes through the detector being screened from top to bottom as well as from left to right.

We also mentioned sensitivity levels and with several models having up to 200 different sensitivity levels available, this is something that may take some time to get used to, but it’s worth it with the accuracy that these detectors offer. With this sensitivity, you can rest assured that even the smallest of metal objects will be detected and not slip through.

In addition, these machines include lights to control the flow of people through detectors, the ability to adjust the audible tone that is emitted when in use, a visual alarm, and a 2-year warranty. You have the complete solution for your security requirements in just one detector.

Garrett Hand-Held Security Metal Detectors

If a walk-through metal detector is not suitable but you still want security, then Garrett hand-held security metal detectors may prove to be a better option. These hand-held scanners contain a pinpointing tip while the sensitivity allows for a fast sweeping motion over the body to be performed.

With the ability to detect both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, these hand-held wands come with self-calibration technology eliminating the need to constantly check that the wand is functioning correctly. Lightweight, comfortable to hold, and with 360 degrees of detection, these Garrett security metal detectors are perfect when the available space is limited.

Accessories and Testing Garrett Security Metal Detectors

Most popular accessories for Garrett Security Metal Detectors include a backup battery and the charger that will keep the machine running. We also stock a range of holsters for hand-held detectors as well as castor sets and base plates for the walk-through metal detectors allowing for ease of movement as well as providing a secure foundation.

Finally, we have test pieces you can use to make sure your machine is working properly. These products contain the same mix of metals that you would expect to find in weapons, which means you can quickly determine if your metal detector is performing to the high standards that you should expect from Garrett Metal Detectors.

If you are interested in learning more about any of the different Garrett security metal detectors that we have available here at Kellyco, feel free to get in touch with us via our customer care department. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have while also guiding you towards the model that we believe will be most suitable for your individual security requirements.