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Garrett Metal Detectors & Accessories

As a well-established and highly respected brand, Garrett metal detectors manufacture some of the best detectors and accessories in the metal detecting industry. Manufactured in the United States, these products take metal detection to a new level. If you are interested in treasure hunting or are merely wondering as to the best metal detectors on the market, then these models by Garrett should be on any wishlist.

Best-Selling Garrett Products


Founded back in 1964, Garrett metal detectors has built a strong reputation that is second to none. Whether you are looking at the Garrett AT Pro, the range of Garrett Ace metal detectors, or even their accessories, you know that you are purchasing a professional item perfect for treasure hunting or discovering those lost relics.

Where are Garrett Metal Detectors Made

Made in the United States, Garrett metal detectors started off in the garage of Charles Garrett. Since those humble beginnings, the name has been built over the decades resulting in the highly respected company that it is today. With quality assured, the reputation of Garrett metal detectors is one that is hard to beat. When there are Garrett metal detectors for sale, you know that you are investing your money in one of the best metal detectors around.

What is the Best Garrett Metal Detector

With so many options, selecting the best Garrett metal detector is impossible. As long-established Garrett metal detector dealers, we believe that the best metal detector will always be dependent on your individual needs.

To show what we mean, we can take a look at several of the Garrett metal detectors in our range.

Some of the most popular Garrett metal detectors are the Garrett AT Pro and the Garrett AT Max. Depending on the person will determine which one will be best for you, take a look at our guide on Garrett AT Pro vs. AT Max. The Garrett Sea Hunter would be a potential detector for any individual who may be detecting in and around water. This model has the ability to cancel out the salt and minerals from saltwater that could interfere with the true workings of the detector. Capable of working at depths of 200 feet, it is fully submersible while still providing real accuracy when detecting.

Likewise, the Garrett AT Gold metal detector will prove itself to be a wonderful tool for detecting even small nuggets of gold. Add in the fact it works in shallow water while still delivering results and what you have is a metal detector that is low in price but still an all terrain metal detector that is powerful and great quality.

But what if you are after relics rather than gold nuggets? If that sounds like you, then metal detectors such as the Garrett ACE 200 metal detector or the Garrett ACE 250 will be ideal. Aimed at those starting out with this hobby, they contain their PROformance search coil while the sensitivity control can be easily altered to eliminate background noise and trash.

At Kellyco, we are aware that choosing from the multitude of Garrett metal detectors is difficult. You may want to know more about ground balance or how the Garrett ACE 400 metal detector compares to those manufactured by Minelab. Also, being aware of those models that can be used in freshwater or being waterproof could help you decide while you may have a need for a variety of search modes which would then narrow down your options.

Garrett metal detectors and accessories can change your approach to treasure hunting in an instant. However, we realize that there are a range of items to choose from, and that can be confusing. We would like to invite you to contact our customer care department if you have any questions. Our team of expert metal detectorists will be happy to answer all of your questions and guide you towards the right Garrett metal detector products for your needs.

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