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Fisher Metal Detectors & Accessories

Fisher Research Labs has produced some of the best metal detectors for hobbyists, security professionals, and commercial work, and has built up a very loyal fanbase. Fisher metal detectors come with many great features and have been used to find countless buried treasure. While Fisher is best-known for its metal detectors, there are also many other products that are produced by them that share the same quality and have very positive customer reviews. Here at Kellyco, we are proud to offer Fisher metal detecting equipment so that detectorists can enjoy this hobby even more.

"At First Texas Products, we take great pride in our El Paso manufacturing facility and the people we can employ because of it. Like many manufacturers, in some cases, specific components come from across the globe, but we remain committed to building everything possible in our facility."

Best-Selling Fisher Products


Fisher has a huge selection of weatherproof metal detectors for everyone from beginner to experienced detectorist. Fisher has created popular detectors such as the Fisher F75 metal detector, which packs tons of advanced features into a mid-price range metal detector. The Fisher Gold Bug 2 is an excellent detector for any gold prospectors with its ultra-high operating frequency, allowing it to easily find the smallest of gold nuggets. The Fisher F22 metal detector and the Fisher F44 metal detector are both great for someone who is new to the hobby, as you get excellent features such as target ID, all metal detection, and a nice coil size for a great price. All of Fisher’s metal detectors come with a 5-year warranty, protecting your investment. Virtually any of the metal detectors you decide on will be excellent and give you great performance for the money.

Fisher Commercial Equipment

Fisher makes all kinds of commercial equipment for various applications across many industries. Leak detectors, digital line tracers, pipe locators, magnetic locators, and also valve and box locators are all products that Fisher Labs is proud to supply to the many industries in which they are used. Enlist Fisher Research Lab’s experience for your next project and you won’t be disappointed. Please reach out to us here at Kellyco if you have any questions.

Fisher Pinpointers

The Fisher F-Pulse Waterproof Pinpointer is built to help you find your metal targets quickly and carefully so that you do not hit your target. The pinpointer comes with a holster that attaches to your belt and is fully submersible up to 6 feet deep. The F-Pulse can be used in saltwater and freshwater, and performs well in both. Every metal detectorist should consider adding a pinpointer to their gear, as it really does speed up recovery time and will have you digging more holes in less time.

Fisher Search Coils

Fisher detectors come stock with very high-quality elliptical search coils, and in some cases, DD coils. Many hobbyists love the coils that come with each metal detector and never feel the need to get a different search coil. However, some treasure hunters like to get a different search coil for different types of hunting. For relic hunting, detectorists like the amount of ground that DD coils cover. For gold prospecting, a smaller coil is often used so that smaller nuggets and flakes of gold can be found. Always be sure to purchase a coil cover, as you do not want to accidentally damage your new search coil.

Fisher Headphones

Fisher Labs is always innovating as much as they can, and their headphones are no exception. You have two options when it comes to headphones, their standard stereo headphones or their deluxe stereo headphones. The Fisher Standard Stereo Headphones are lightweight and clear, featuring in-line volume control. The Fisher Deluxe Stereo Headphones feature high-quality sound, lightweight aluminum construction, and a comfortable acoustic ear cup design. Wearing a good pair of Fisher Research Labs headphones will make your metal detecting excursion more effective by allowing you to hear small changes in tone.

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