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CORS Coils & Accessories

It is impossible to overstate the importance of having a great search coil that can enhance your metal detector’s performance. If you are looking for compatible aftermarket search coils that provide niche specializations, you should definitely check out Cors Coils. These search coils are built with exacting tolerances and great attention to detail. Kellyco is proud to offer several different high-performance options from Cors Coils. If you have any questions about Cors Coils or search coils in general, please reach out to us, as we would be happy to help.


Cors Coils is synonymous with excellent performance at a great price. Cors produces aftermarket search coils that fit the AT Max and the AT Pro, so it is important to be sure you are looking at the proper coil for your detector.

Cors Coils Search Coils

Cors Coils offer a few coils that are designed for the Garrett AT Pro. This includes large DD coils that are built to perform well in the most highly-mineralized soils and coils that offer great sensitivity and depth. In addition to this excellent depth and sensitivity, these large aftermarket coils also allow you to cover much more ground with each swing of your detector, helping you get more metal detecting done in less time. For the AT Max, they offer large DD coils with the same excellent ground coverage, sensitivity, and depth features. These large coils help you squeeze even more performance out of the already excellent AT Max. If you ever feel the need for a small, 5” search coil for your AT Max, Cors has you covered. This small search coil offers excellent target separation features in addition to ultra-high sensitivity. Some of the Cors Coils products we recommend considering are the Cors 12 x 13" Strike With Coil Cover (AT Max), the Cors 15 x 17" Giant (AT Pro), or the Cors 5" Point (AT Max). However, there are others that are also suitable. Each Cors Coil product comes with a coil cover, which allows you to metal detect hard without worrying about damaging your aftermarket search coil investment. Again, if you need any help or information about Cors Coil products, please reach out to us, as we would be happy to help you out.