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Carson Optical

When you are out in the field metal detecting, you will oftentimes find a valuable or relic with tiny markings, words, or names on it. It can be hard to see in great detail, and, depending on how valuable the item looks, you might not be able to focus on your detecting anymore. Imagine if you ever dig up a 1916 Mercury dime and then can’t tell if there is a Denver mintmark. You would go crazy until you knew for sure. Kellyco is proud to offer Carson Optical products in their many varieties that will fill any need a metal detectorist possesses. Please reach out to us if you have any questions, as we would be happy to help.

Carson Optical

Carson Optical is a brand that is renowned for their high-quality microscopes that can be purchased at extremely attractive prices.

Carson Optical Microscopes

If you are going to take a microscope into the field when metal detecting, make sure it is one from Carson Optical. Not only will it last you for decades, but it also comes with a variety of both ergonomic and valuable features. Each Carson pocket microscope comes with either a variable or fixed magnification range that allows you to get exactly what you are looking for in a microscope. In addition to this, these magnification devices also feature LED lights that make it much easier to see the fine details of your target, be it a coin, jewelry, or an old relic. These LED lights operate on a single AA battery for each of the various options. Each microscope that Carson Optical has designed is both lightweight and extremely compact, making it easy to carry in your pocket, your backpack, or even in your luggage while traveling. If you are serious about examining your metal detecting finds in the field, there is no other name than Carson that you should consider.

Carson Optical Magnifiers

In addition to their large array of microscopes, Carson Optical also produces several different kinds of magnifiers. Whether you are into the folding magnifiers, slide-out magnifiers, or a polished ball loupe, Carson has you covered. The Carson Slide-Out Magnifier comes with an LED light that allows you to pick up on details you could otherwise miss in the field. The Carson Folding Magnifier with variable magnification settings is always a very valuable option and Carson Optical is proud to produce that product as well. The Carson 2x Polished Ball Loupe with 75mm base is a product that will charm the hearts of more traditional treasure hunters, as this type of magnification device is a classic. This polished ball is focused to 2x power so it will provide sharp images of details, while still allowing you to see the whole picture. Virtually any option you choose from the wide selection of Carson Optical magnifiers will be a great product that will last you for years.

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