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Aquascan Metal Detectors & Accessories

With more than 25 years experience as a manufacturer of underwater metal detectors, Aquascan offers specialist detectors and accessories for some rather specific detecting conditions. Aquascan metal detectors and accessories will allow you to venture into new lands without having to sacrifice any sense of reliability, durability, or accuracy in your detecting. Used to find important historical treasures, the range of items from Aquascan will allow you to explore more depths and uncover your very own buried treasure.

Aquascan Metal Detectors

With their focus on offering underwater metal detectors, Aquascan is one of the primary experts within this field. Their specialized technology has resulted in users being able to take their metal detectors out into the water without any fear of them being submerged and damaged. Their products are suitable for not only treasure hunting and locating buried treasure, but also underwater survey tasks due to their accuracy and durability.

Aquascan has an impressive range of metal detectors available, and here at Kellyco we can supply various models of submersible metal detectors along with a wide range of accessories. However, we do recommend that you spend some time getting to know more about the various models such as the Aquapulse AQ1B in advance as well as the different kits that accompany it.

The Basics of Aquascan Metal Detectors

While aspects of Aquascan metal detectors do look similar to those produced by companies such as Garrett or Minelab, there are a number of core differences.

These metal detectors use the same concept of pulse induction that you would see with other forms of metal detecting. They still contain their own search coil, they still use a battery pack where you will require a charger, and you will still have signals sent via headphones just as you do with other types of metal detectors. However, the primary difference is that this can all be done in saltwater.

Aquascan metal detectors allow for the recovery of all types of metal underwater, but thanks to the threshold control that comes with most models, they are able to reject surface clutter. The sensitivity of these models is such that they can be used in a wide range of situations.

The Best Aquascan Metal Detector

Each metal detector by Aquascan is manufactured to a high specification. In order to determine the best Aquascan metal detector for you, it will depend on your own specific needs. From an underwater magnetometer, to standard diver kits with varying sizes of search coils, to the AQ1B commercial kit complete with a 15” submersible coil, and a battery that lasts up to 10 hours - Aquascan covers all possibilities.

No matter if you are an archaeologist, work in the armed forces, or a bounty hunter, water will no longer be an issue and you simply need to spend time searching through the different possibilities available via Kellyco.

However, we do suggest several other important points to consider before choosing from the array of Aquascan metal detectors and accessories.

Thanks to the potential for poor visibility, the need for your metal detector to be able to sort through general metallic debris takes on more importance. Consider if finding metallic weapons is something that applies to you. Also, durability is required if you are involved in underwater metal detecting on a regular basis. Thankfully, Aquascan uses ultra-abrasion cables, so salt water will be unable to penetrate into their core.

Aquascan Metal Detector Accessories

The list of accessories from Aquascan is impressive and are all designed to make detecting in fresh water a lot easier. Detecting underwater can lead to you attempting to narrow down a signal in between rocks. The normal Aquascan metal detector will be unable to get into those areas and that is where the adjustable probe by Aquascan can play a role. Alternatively, the miniature palm coil is another useful tool in these situations. Aimed as a general purpose tool, it allows you to scan small areas where there is low visibility just by using your hand. Also, this palm coil works in tandem with AQ1B detectors.

Other accessories developed by Aquascan are designed to make your detecting life so much easier. From extending handles, to replacement rods and arm rests, each piece can be easily replaced or improved over time. In addition, there are additional search coils of varying sizes. With this, we recommend checking that the search coil does correspond with your desired detector to avoid any potential problems.

Accessories can often be an actual necessity. Check out the range that we have available at Kellyco and determine which items are the most important for your treasure hunting expeditions.

If the idea of metal detecting underwater is something of interest to you, but you have some uncertainty surrounding which Aquascan metal detector to buy, then contact us here at Kellyco via our customer care department. Our team of expert detectorists are on hand to answer any questions you may have and help you with purchasing the perfect metal detector for your needs.