Anderson Detector Shafts Parts & Accessories

Anderson is a well established company that specializes in the production of various accessories and hardware for your metal detector. Focusing on shaft parts, their intention is to provide you with quality products that are durable and will make metal detecting a whole lot more comfortable for you.

Anderson Detector Shafts Aprons

While metal detecting, you will carry various small items while also, hopefully, picking up various relics that you have discovered during the day. The Anderson Rods Metal Detecting Apron will prove to be a useful addition to your equipment.

This apron is made from high-quality material that is not going to just rip or fall apart in an instant. It also includes several storage pockets making it easy to organize things while the strong nature of the apron does mean it can hold substantially more items than you may have initially expected.

Anderson Detector Arm Rests

Comfort and support are two points to consider when it comes to a replacement arm cuff. You want to feel that it is helping take some of the weight and pressure off your arm while also keeping you nice and steady. This makes it substantially easier to complete a smooth sweeping motion.

Complete with padding and a strap to secure it to your arm, Anderson Detector Arm Cuffs are consistently manufactured to a high standard. An adjustable arm strap is a real necessity if you are spending long periods of time metal detecting.

Before purchasing, make sure that the arm rest will fit your particular metal detector. If you have any questions as to whether or not this is the case, then we here at Kellyco are happy to help solve any questions you may have.

Anderson Detector Carrying Straps

Even if you purchased a lighter-weight metal detector, it still applies some strain when using it over a period of time. The best option to counter this is to use an Anderson Detector Carrying Strap, also known as a chest harness. 

A chest harness distributes the stress and weight over a large area, so it’s not focused merely on your shoulders or back. This does allow you to detect for a longer period of time.

Anderson Detector Knobs

Over time, the various knobs on metal detectors can break or really just become tired due to usage. Anderson Detector Knobs work as guards for your machine and can extend its lifespan.

These are some replacement parts that people often overlook, but they are inexpensive and easy to fit.

Anderson Detector Stands

Available in different colors, The Anderson Detector Shafts Detectors Stands are designed to lift your metal detector higher off the ground. The aim here is that it keeps your metal detector away from mud and water.

With this, it will fit certain widths of regular shaft. It can also be attached to either in front or after the control box depending on your own personal preference.

Anderson Hardware Kit

Nuts and bolts can come loose and be lost, but it needn’t be the end of things. Anderson supplies various pieces of hardware that are suitable for different makes of metal detector. The hardware available covers both coils and shafts, but we do recommend checking that they are suitable for your particular make of metal detector before buying.

Anderson Hip Mounts

A hip mount kit is the perfect way for taking some of the stress off your arm and shoulder when detecting. Moving the weight in this manner makes prospecting far more comfortable and is an accessory that we highly recommend. Manufactured for the Minelab Excalibur detector, the adjustable hip mount is inexpensive but will prove to be an invaluable purchase.

Anderson Pouches

The Anderson pouch is designed to be capable of carrying almost any kind of object that you may commonly find during your detecting. As you will always be unsure as to what you may find, having several compartments makes life easier to organize. Also, it comes complete with a mesh on the base allowing any mud or water to drop.

Anderson Scoop Handles

Scoop handles that fit into baskets are the ideal accessory for the beach hunter. Light weight due to being made from carbon fiber, they are also resilient and stronger than you may imagine. This does help you to lift larger volumes of sand without worrying, so if you plan on detecting on the beach then this would certainly be a useful addition to your tools.

Anderson Shafts and Rods

Anderson detector shafts consist of different types of materials from carbon fiber to aluminum along with others. Their shafts and rods can also be applied to a number of different metal detector brands. For example, the Anderson Rods Carbon Fiber Universal Shaft is suitable for various detector brands such as Minelab, Fisher, and Garrett. However, you should alwaus check that the shaft or rod is compatible with your machine before purchasing. 

Their range of shafts are easy to attach while they are waterproof or, alternatively, some are designed specifically for being used under water. Furthermore, Anderson detector shafts do come in various lengths, widths and colors so further checking that it is suitable for you is required.

If you are considering adding some accessories to your tools then Anderson parts will certainly be one company that you need to check out. If there are any questions or concerns regarding any of the products listed on our website, then contact our customer care department and we will be happy to help.

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