I have the pleasure of living about 3 miles from the Atlantic Ocean and at this point in my life I don't think I'd have it any other way. The only disadvantage for me is I live in a sleepy little beach town, great food and surfing but not exceptional metal detecting. I only say that because the beaches here are not very populated so the newer stuff is out there but fewer and farther between and the older stuff for the most part has been cleaned out. I do live about an hour or so drive from the "treasure" coast and like to frequent the beaches and have had a lot of success there in the past.

I say all that to say this, "beach" machines are something I enjoy using and when I found out that the new White's MX Sport Metal Detector was going to be a multi use, fully submersible machine with a beach mode I was ready to try it out. I received the latest version of the machine last week and I was excited to take it to the beach and run it through its paces.

When I first got my hands on it I liked the look of the machine, it looks sturdy and rugged. It's pretty obvious the target market they're going after and I do like the bigger screen over the competitors with large VDI numbers. I also like the ease of navigation and use. So I proceeded to my local beach which as I said earlier is not very populated. I went during my favorite time which is low tide, I find it much easier to detect when it is low tide for ease of item recovery but I do enjoy detecting in the water as well.

I proceeded down to the sand and started in the dry area, the machine perform very well as do most detectors in the dry sand. This metal detector is 13.9 kHz which is a fairly low frequency and considering it's only a single frequency machine which are typically not the best performers in the salt environment. So I had my concerns proceeding into the wet sand. The White's MX Sport has a completely automatic ground balance, I personally like metal detectors with automatic and manual so that I can make the needed adjustments myself. I do not like to leave the performance entirely in the hands of the machine. This detector also has a salt adjustment and ground tracking so as I proceeded to the wet sand I had the machine set in the beach mode with the salt adjustment up to one which is as far as it will go. In the wet sand I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to get the machine to level out nicely even with the sensitivity turned almost all the way up. I scanned the area for a while but did not find much of anything so I planted some change at various depths the metal detector did what it was supposed to do. Those test results will follow.

Next I decided to venture into the crashing waves. As I said earlier it was low tide so I started off in just a few inches of water with the sensitivity turned all the way up. The machine immediately overloaded so with a quick adjustment of the sensitivity I was able to level it out. Now for those of you who do not know, if you are going to detect in the saltwater beach with a single frequency machine it is best that you stay either in the wet sand or you can stay in the water. Going in and out of the water you're not going to get very good performance because you will need to keep ground balancing. The best practice is to run parallel to the ocean in the wet sand or stay in the water. The machine did move well in the water, the coil was not overly buoyant and cut through the water well. I did not have the underwater headphones so I did not go in much deeper than my knees. I did not find much of anything that day which was not a surprise to me. I don't think it had anything to do with the metal detector considering I was able to find items that I had buried.

So for an all-around metal detector I think this machine is a good choice based on the test that I had done and the detecting in the field. This machine has a "prospecting" mode which I personally have not used it in the field in gold country. My knowledge of gold machines is pretty vast and my thoughts on this machine with the completely automatic ground balance and the 13.9 KHz frequency I'm not quite sure how it would perform. My advice when it comes to gold machines is have a specific machine that is only for gold if you want to be effective at prospecting. My thoughts tend to be the same when it comes to beach hunting because the salt environment is no joke.

Overall my thoughts of the White's MX Sport so far have been good as an all-around machine. I am a big fan of completely waterproof submersible metal detectors, I have a 12-year-old son who I metal detect with and as with most 12-year-old boys he's fairly careless and is bound to drop that machine in some body of water somewhere! We also live in Florida where rain is abundant and there's always a good chance you're going to get wet. 

For more information on the White's MX Sport, click the link.