It's very important to take care of yourself, both body and mind. Metal detecting is a great way to do both. Your body is pretty obvious since you need to be outside to enjoy the hobby. What about mental health, how can metal detecting help?



Get Outdoors

Changing your environment is one of the best ways that mental health professionals suggest to help disorders like depression. Many times you start to feel down because you're in a rut doing the same things over and over again. getting outside gives you a chance to change what you see. It also allows you to be in the sun, which stimulates your body to create vitamin D and increased levels of Serotonin. both of these chemicals are needed in your body and a lack of them are linked to depression.



Exercise is one of the best ways to improve your mood. At least 30 minutes should be the goal to get enough endorphins in your system. Endorphins make you feel good and give you a positive effect almost instantly. this also is a chance to help restart your brain so the haze can lift.



Having a metal detector makes people curious about you. Most likely someone will come over and ask if you have found anything. Sometimes people start asking about the hobby in general. Even if you are still learning, talking about subjects has been shown to strengthen the topic in your brain.

You can even join a metal detecting club. Being in a group of others with a shared interest opens up natural ways to talk and be social. If you have anxiety, this common ground may give you a great place to start chatting with others. In general being social has been shown to help with mental health in many ways by helping you see that you are not alone.


We would like to note that this is not a claim that metal detecting will cure any mental illness. If you need help please reach out to your doctor and someone you trust. This way you can work to get a treatment plan in place that works for you.