Summer break is right around the corner. Here in Florida, the last day of school for many districts is at the end of May. That also means that educators are warning about the potential for a summer backslide in what kids have learned. Thankfully metal detecting can help with that. We know that there are benefits to detecting for adults but have you thought about the potential for kids?


Gaining Research Skills

Finding a great place to hunt doesn’t happen by accident. There is a lot of time spent examining lore and old maps of towns to figure out where a treasure trove could be hidden. Kids need this kind of brain stimulation to keep sharp. Plus it will give them a boost for when they need to write papers. They will be expected to research topics that may not be the most fun but are important. If they can learn how to do this early on and using non-digital formats, they could be well on their way to knowing how to spot a quality source.

Sense of Community

It’s human nature to want to be apart of something larger than ourselves - kids are no exception. Giving them the opportunity to research will show them things about the area they live in that they may not have known. Even if they are taught local history in school, there may be some things that just don’t make it into the curriculum. When interesting and less known facts are found, we typically like to hold onto it and kids will do the same.

Beyond the area they live in, they could join a detecting club. This can show that there is a large group of people in the hobby. They can even see how detectorists help others where they live. Many clubs offer to help people find lost jewelry and artifacts. Some even help out law enforcement with the recovery of evidence.


Youth today are notorious for wanting to stay inside and play video games or watch TV. This usually stems from being bored. The best way to combat this is having activities lined up for them to do. Activities and play are how kids exercise. Metal detecting is great for this since it can usually be a full day adventure. They could even want to stay out longer if they have spent a lot of time researching the area and think they could find something awesome.

Quality Time

Spending time with the youth has many benefits. You can pass on some great stories and lessons. You can do this by helping them research and when they seem stuck give them a tip on what you do when you need to jostle and idea free. When you are out in the field they may look to you for guidance on how best to find and dig a target. It’s been my experience that kids love to bond and make memories with the adults in their lives, and this is a fantastic way to do that.

Critical Thinking

There are some things that just take time to understand fully. The way a metal detector reacts in different soil is one of those things. This is why when starting out it’s a good idea to dig every target. As you get better then you can be more discerning - this is a form of critical thinking. This can help kids brains start to make better connections on how to research topics objectively and come to a rational conclusion.

There are better ways to beat the summer slump than staying inside with workbooks. Getting out in the sun with a metal detector can help kids learn lots of valuable lessons, even if they don’t realize it right now.

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