Getting kids into different Hobbies is great for a multitude of reasons. Our post on why kids should metal detect over the summer break has been a big hit. To make sure kids are successful in anything they pursue they need the right equipment. As a hobby that is mainly enjoyed by adults, finding a machine for a smaller body novice can be tough. To give you a good place to start we put together a list of the top 5 metal detectors for kids ordered by age range.



Bounty Hunter Junior T.I.D. Metal Detector

The Junior T.I.D. is a great detector for the smallest of detectorists with a minimum length of 19 in and suggested for ages 6 and up. The target segmenting is represented by a frown face, curious face, and a smiley to indicate if the target should be good. To get kids to understand what a target actually is the top is labeled with images of Iron, gold/nickel, and a quarter. There is even a visual depth indicator and a warning that the coil is too close to the ground. Kids can even discriminate targets that they would rather ignore at the push of a button.



White’s XVenture Metal Detector

The XVenture is meant for kids 7 and up with a  minimum length of 24.5 in. This made for kids metal detector segments out targets 7 different ways using colored lights and icons that are directly on the detector control box. The tones strength changes depending on how deep the target is. So, just because there isn’t a visual depth indicator you can get a decent idea of how deep it is with enough practice. When you add the pinpoint mode and sensitivity boost you can see that this is a solid machine for any budding detectorist.




Minelab GO-FIND 22 Metal Detector

The most compact metal detector on this list is the GO-FIND 22 - it folds up to just under 22 in. Don't let its size fool you though, this machine Can detect just as well at the beach as at the park without touching any settings. the Easy Trak feature adjusts to the ground type all on its own to reduce noise and help you find targets quicker. Speaking of targets, the LCD screen shows all the targets it can pick up and when it gets a hit the icon for the signal flashes. It only has two-tone segments but this will help young ears really grasp what a bad vs good signal sounds like. This could really help make sure kids don't get overwhelmed by everything they need to learn - kind of like crawling before walking.



Teknetics Digitek Metal Detector

The Digitek metal detector was created specifically with tweens and teens in mind. This machine has many similar features of adult detectors while keeping in mind the height difference. It's a great midway detector for a middle schooler who has been detecting for several years. They have a great understanding of the hobby and the other detectors are limiting them from growing but the more advanced detectors are too big for their height and arm length. it allows for greater control of discrimination to find great targets that are deeper while ignoring trash.



Garrett ACE 150 Metal Detector

The ACE 150 Is an adult entry level metal detector that is easy to use. The control box features a push-button control and a very user-friendly LCD screen. With preset search modes and adjustable sensitivity, you can be sure that the teen in your life will get good targets without much fuss. Even better is the ability to change out search coils so you can change either the depth or accuracy of the hunt without the need of a different detector.



As you can see, there are detectors suitable for any age range. To learn more about each detector, be sure to check out the product pages. There we offer in-depth specs to make sure you have all the tools you need to teach the kiddos how to use their new detector.