Most people get into metal detecting expecting to find jewelry and coins left behind by others. Sometimes they can find the owner, but most of the time the find ends up as part of the detectorists collection - along with a story to tell about how it was found. Most don’t expect to have other experiences along with it. Here are the top four happy side effects of getting into metal detecting.

Happy Guy

1- Exercise

Ok, this one may be a little more obvious since you know you will be walking around for hours in search of the best signals. When you start digging though, you could consider that you are doing some strength training. Using your legs to dig into the ground could add some resistance depending on how hard the ground is. Then when you move the dirt from the plug and back you are definitely using different muscles in your arms with at least some weight on it.

2- Cleaning the Environment

No matter how much you fine tune your detector to ignore trash targets, you will eventually dig one up. It is frustrating when you think you have something really good just to find out it’s not. Next time this happens, change your perspective and think about how you are making the area you detect a little better off. It could be helping a farmer clear metal out of a field or even making sure that a beachgoer never steps on a hook.

3- Preserving History

If you are into relic hunting then this is a given, but most are looking for clad or jewelry. In those searches, you could come across a musket ball or door hinge that could mean that it could be the site of where an old home once stood.

4- Socializing

Even if you don’t join a detecting club you will most likely end up talking to people while out detecting. It opens up the door to many conversations. Most of the time people will ask if you’ve found anything good as they pass and if you have they will most likely stick around to hear about it. Other times you may come across another detectorist and they will let you know some things about the area that you didn’t know.

Happy Hunting!