Construction sites can be awesome places to find treasure. As the ground is torn up, old relics, coins, other items that have long been buried can be brought up to the surface, making it easy for you to find. And these days, most cities always have areas that are under construction for one reason or another.

Your first task in detecting construction sites is to get to know the workers or builders. They will be able to point you in the right direction to the property’s owners or governing officials so you can get permission to hunt onsite. They may even be able to provide you with some history about the site and let you know when they will be breaking ground. 

Once you’ve gotten permission, and you’re ready to start hunting, consider the following tips to help you with your search:

Search New Building Sites

If you see that old buildings or homes are being torn down to be replaced with new buildings, those are prime hunting spots. When the bulldozers start working to clear the property, it’s a great time to hunt the areas where old property lines were located. Sometimes old hedges that separated homes are torn out, and because hunting underneath them was difficult to impossible while they were planted, you may find valuable items when they’re gone. 

Focus on Hot Spots

Try to pay attention to the graded areas of the construction site. Some of the areas will be graded to the perfect depth to uncover targets or at least bring them much closer to the ground’s surface. When you find something good, slow down and pay attention, you may find other items in that area. Keep in mind that some areas may be graded too deeply, which will bury any relics even deeper – don’t’ waste your time on those areas.

Watch for Dirt Piles

If you’re too late and the dirt has been graded to deeply, you may still be able to locate treasure in the piles of dirt that have been set aside. Depending on just how much dirt there is, it may have to be moved offsite. If that’s the case, you might be able to search over and over as they take loads away one by one exposing new layers with each trip.

Know When Dumpsters Will Be Moved

There are typically some large dumpsters that are used on construction sites. Debris and construction trash is loaded into them until they fill up and then they are taken and emptied at the landfill. Most of the trash is loaded by heavy equipment and may not be exactly accurate as it’s dumped. That means that there may be items for you to find around where the dumpster sat.

Use the Right Coils

If the construction site you are searching is small, you want to use a small coil that will get in between trash and the items you want. On big construction sites, there is a lot of ground to cove so while you still want to avoid trash, you also want to be able to cover the whole area. That means that larger coils might be your best option in the open areas, while smaller ones will be good for around the footprints of where the torn-down buildings stood. Shop more search coils here.