Finding jewelry is a goal of many metal detectorists. It’s a bit of a rush when you realize you have found something while out and jewelry is not an exception. After the rush fades you may be wondering what you should do with the find, especially jewelry since it can be hard to locate the owner. If you want to attempt it we have put together some tips on what you can do.


Class Ring Metal Detecting Find



Many times you can look at a ring and tell if it is a class or organization ring. These will be quite a bit easier to return to an owner since there are unique identifiers on it. A little bit of online searching and some time on the phone can be all that you need.

Online Forums

If you found unique jewelry you may have more luck on an online forum. These are communities of like-minded people who have similar interests. They could help you identify who made the jewelry and point you in the direction of the company. Some are even just for lost and found type listings. This way can take some time since you have to wait for the right person to come to the forum and read your post.

Social Media

Similar to Online Forums, Facebook can help you by getting the information out quickly to a network of people. Look for groups that are based in the area that the piece was found or, if you were able to figure it out, it originated from.


If you were successful in identifying  a retailer’s or artisan's marking you could contact them. Some of them keep track of the customers who purchased specific pieces.

Local Law Enforcement

One final thing you can try is to take it to local law enforcement. The person could have filed a report in an attempt to recover their jewelry, especially expensive pieces. In some areas, you turn it in and the police will put out a public notice. After a period of time, if the owner has not come forward you may be entitled to take the jewelry and do with it as you please. Just make sure you call so you know what to expect before taking it in.


Sometimes no matter what you do the owner will not be found. If you use some of these tips, you can at least feel good knowing you tried your best.

Other times you get to make someone's day like this story about a detectorist that was able to give someone a class ring that was thought to be lost forever.


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