Whites Electronics has truly put a lot of time and effort into the Whites MX Sport Metal Detector, as you can read about from our part 1 article on the machine's performance at the beach.  In this blog post, I want to cover more features about the machine and how it stacks up against other White's machines.

In general, the White's MX Sport is very feature rich machine with 6 search modes ranging from beach mode, coin and jewelry, high trash, relic, prospecting and all metal mode. This Metal Detector is submersible up to 10 feet but does not come standard with the underwater headphones like their counterparts. It's a little bit on the heavy side at 4 pounds but has good ergonomics and the control box is extremely easy to navigate. It has a large back-lit display with big VDI numbers, it also displays the target depth, the current program and the sensitivity which can be adjusted on the fly.

I was very eager to take the White's MX Sport to the salt water beach and it did well in the wet sand. For a single frequency machine with automatic ground balance, a beach mode and a salt setting it easily leveled out in the wet sand. When I entered the salt water with the sensitivity all the way at 10 and the waves crashing over the coil the MX immediately overloaded but with an adjustment of the sensitivity again I was able to level the machine out.

There are three coils as of right now to choose from the stock 10 inch DD coil that comes on the machine plus a 6 x 10 elliptical  DD and a 9 inch concentric. The White's MX Sport comes with a headphone adapter so you are free to use any headphones you like with a quarter inch jack.

The MX Sport also operates with a variable self adjusting threshold that can be turned off if you choose not to use it. For those who do not know what that is, it's a constant hum that you will hear in the background and it can be adjusted to your hearing. The difference in this threshold as opposed to machines in the past is this threshold does not help the machine achieve grater deaths. The advantage of the threshold on this metal detector is for using and discrimination mode. You'll hear a Lull in the threshold when passing over an item that has been discriminated out. This is a big advantage and will give you more information then you would get without the threshold.

Overall, I am very glad to see the direction that White's Electronics is going with this sleek new design and submersibility of this unit! I have always been a big fan of White's machines from the V3i, to the MXT Pro, to the DFX and finally the Coinmaster GT metal detector. I have personally owned many White's machines and all have their strengths for what I need them to do. But even more than the great machines they put out I have always been a big fan of the company as a whole because they've always had some of the best customer service in the business and really give a damn about what they're doing. I can honestly say I am excited about the future of White's Electronics is bringing to the hobby of Metal Detecting.

For more info and pricing on the White's MX Sport metal detector, click here.