Finding a metal detector that does everything really well is one thing all detectorists would love to obtain. Unfortunately, because of the way that detectors work, at least today, you have to give up some features to be able to get the best possible experience hunting specific targets. That said, you can find a detector that fits your needs pretty well. For me that happens to be the Makro Racer Metal Detector.

I'm Jessica, a member of the Kellyco team. I live on the Space Coast of Florida near the Kennedy Space Center and go to the beach often. More importantly the river that runs through my town is brackish (a mix of salt and fresh) water that can often give even the best machines a hard time. This makes detecting at the local parks a bit more difficult at times in my area.

Right now the water is so high that it doesn’t take much wind for waves to break over the sea wall and flood the area with salty water. In fact as I was taking pictures of the Makro Racer turned on the detector seemed to react to the humid air, damp earth, or the spray from the water that was a good 20 feet away.

When I started to detect the field that is used for festivals and concerts, I used the Racer's two tone mode that Kellyco's sales team member Stevie Ray Meeks suggested would be best for me on my first time out. Even after getting it ground balanced I was still getting a lot of chatter but I stayed in the mode to see what I could find.

My first plug explained everything. While I didn’t find the target that it clearly said was in it, I did see a lot of beach sand and sea shells. I decided to switch to the beach mode to see if it would help, and it did. There wasn’t any more chatter and I was able to hear just valid targets. I swung the coil the whole way back to my car and didn’t really hear any good, consistent signals that I was willing to dig into the very wet ground.

I was able to find a few coins and gave me a good learning experience on the Makro Racer Metal Detector. I confirmed that the soil would be a challenge in many areas of my town. I am confident that once the ground dries out & I have a bit more experience that I will find something good with this detector in that field!

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Happy Hunting!