Hello fellow treasure hunters! Gene Knight with Kellyco Metal Detectors here and I have had the awesome opportunity to test the brand new Nokta FORS CoRe metal detector. I would like to be the first to tell you that I am definitely a fan of the Nokta FORS Series of metal detectors. I have been since the first Nokta FORS CoRe hit the market over 15 years ago. Now that I've had the time and opportunity to use the Nokta FORS Relic on a number of occasions I can definitely say it is one of my go-to detectors.

I know that there has been some complaints in the past about the design of these units. There are some people that say they don't like the way you have to access the menu to change the settings, but I am pretty much a "set it and go" kind of guy. Now, I have definitely been known to scan an area, change my settings and then come back and scan the area again. Most of the time I'm running in all metal mode, but on occasion I will utilize the "reverse discrimination” method. I'll hit a target and not knowing what it is, I switch over to discrimination to see if it comes up as iron or what we all hope to be a more desirable target. More often than not I dig up everything because to me it's all about the hunt, trash or treasure!

Other than accessing the menu I have not heard any other complaints about the Nokta FORS Relic. On this unit the manufacturer has addressed US customers concerns about the depths indicator displaying in inches as opposed to centimeters, but you can also choose centimeters if you would like as well as 10 other languages.

The menu is fairly easy to navigate but for me, once I set it, everything I need is right on the joystick with the VDI number, depth indicator, pinpoint mode and ground balance.

Now, missing from the FORS Relic is the vibration mode. I personally thought that was the coolest thing about the FORS machines have because that feature opened up detecting for the hearing impaired - which I had the honor of witnessing first hand - but that's a blog for another time. Of course that feature still does exist on the other Nokta FORS units as well as the Makro line, which as some of you know is the sister company of Nokta.

Another feature of the Nokta FORS Relic that I really like is the way that the weight is distributed. I like to set the machine up so that I can get very wide sweeps. Typically I have the lower shaft extended out as far as I can get it so having the control housing mounted underneath your forearm really helps to balance the machine. This allows you to keep swinging until your legs give out!

One of the great things about Nokta as a company is they really care about customer feedback. For example, they not only addressed the depth read out, but also added the lower rod with the additional coil all based on comments they received from real customers. They've also thrown in three sets of coil hardware with the FORS detector which is something that the hard-core detectorists can really appreciate. It’s small details like that which are a direct result of the manufacturer paying close attention to the forums and really listening to what their customers in the fields are saying. The Nokta FORS Relic is a direct result of that as well, and you can definitely see it in the build quality, packaging, and performance of this unit.

When you really look at what this machine offers with the six versatile search modes, a really great mid range frequency at 19 kHz, and the ability of this detector to be able to punch through the toughest soil all over the world, you've got a serious contender in the relic division.

I am so excited about the future products coming from Nokta Metal Detectors, so everyone please stay tuned and #PrepareForImpact