When you first start metal detecting, you may not even consider getting a pinpointer alongside your detector. Many brand-new detectorists believe that they only need a metal detector and something to dig with. While that’s true, in a sense, you can certainly find targets with just a detector, there are a lot of great reasons that you should invest in a pinpointer sooner rather than later.

Benefits of Using a Pinpointer While Metal Detecting

The whole purpose of a pinpointer is to allow you to narrow down the area where a target is located, making it easier to find. Besides that, important benefits, using a pinpointer will make your hunts better in the following ways:

  1. You’ll save time. Digging for targets can be a time-consuming task when you’re metal detecting. You have to dig a hole, hunt for what could be a very small object in the hole and in the dirt you remove, and then fill in the hole to leave it as close to how you found it as possible. Using a pinpointer allows you to dig closer to where the target is located, which allows you to dig a much smaller, more precise hole to retrieve the target. Then, once you have the object, filling in the hole is easier because it’s smaller. All of those differences will save you time each time you dig, and that time adds up to you having more time to hunt.
  2. You’ll save energy. Having a better idea of where a target is located in the ground means that you will spend less energy squatting and digging to find it – which are the two aspects of metal detecting that will tire you out the quickest. This is especially true when you are digging in ground that has a lot of rocks and roots. You need to cut down your digging time to save energy.
  3. You can detect in shallow water. When you are hunting around lakeshores, beaches, or other bodies of water, you have to have equipment that is water resistant. While you can purchase a metal detector that is designed for both land and water, it’s much less expensive to buy an underwater pinpointer. If you don’t already have an underwater detector, simply having a waterproof pinpointer that is will allow you to search the wet areas along shorelines. Note: Browse our underwater metal detector selection.
  4. You can detect at night. There are often times when a detectorist is on a productive search and doesn’t want to stop when the sun starts to set. Many pinpointers are equipped with an LED light that allows you to use it like a flashlight and continue to search. It’s also helpful if you are hunting an abandoned building where there are no lights inside.

Choosing the Right Pinpointer

Now that you understand how much a pinpointer will improve your metal detecting, you have to decide which one is right for you. Here are some things to consider as you make your choice:

  • Will you be metal detecting in or around water? If so, then you need to look for an underwater pinpointer. You’ll see some pinpointers that are water-resistant, and they work great when using them while it’s raining. But for underwater searching, even in shallow water, it’s best to get one that is specifically designed for submerging in water.
  • Do you plan to hunt at night or in dark areas? If so, then you need a pinpointer that has a built-in flashlight. This is a great feature to have, for the reasons listed above. This didn’t used to be a standard feature, but you can now find it on most newer models.
  • How deep do you want to be able to locate targets? Some of the higher-end pinpointers now come with a sensitivity setting, much like the one on your detector. That allows you to make adjustments to sensitivity which can increase the depth to which it will detect. It’s also a good way to be able to locate targets that are in the wall of a hole.
  • Do you have the need to turn off audible alerts? Most pinpointers have alerts that are audible and make a vibration when they locate an object, but not all of them allow you to turn off the sound and use the vibration only. If you like to hunt without everyone around you hearing your alerts, look for a pinpointer that offers you a choice.

Final Thoughts about Pinpointers

Using a pinpointer when you go metal detecting is going to save you time and energy, which will allow you to spend more time searching your sites. Buying a pinpointer is a fairly small investment that will more than pay for itself in the additional targets you can find.